High Five For Friday!

It’s Friday! Here we go with the high fives for the week!

1// I popped into Hobby Lobby last weekend and was excited to find their wooden letters 50% off. I was inspired by The Daily Nest and love how the letters look above my kitchen bar counter! Monday afternoon I got my smart hubby to help me hang them. In case you didn’t know what to do when you’re in the kitchen…there’s a reminder up there! LOL


2// Last Friday I had to take Peggy to the vet by herself. I’ve never taken just one of the cats – they always go together. When I brought Peggy back with the smells of strange animals embedded in her fur, Thelma Lou thought I’d brought a stranger into her territory. It was a pretty unhappy place for the next 48 hours. I tried wiping Peggy down with a damp towel but the smell just had to work out by itself. I’m glad to report things are back to normal at my house. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and concern! (That’s my arm she’s draped across…)


3// Season 4 of Call The Midwife is finally airing in the US! It’s the perfect way to wind down at the end of the weekend…and by “wind down” I mean “spend an hour on the couch and probably end up ugly crying.”  I loved this post on the 6 Emotions You Feel When You Watch Call The Midwife. #alltheemotions

4// This is the first year that Paul and I have been together that I’m not hosting Easter dinner! I dug up some pictures from Easters gone by – it was fun to remember what I fixed, how I set the table, and who we shared the meal with! While I always enjoy hosting, it will be fun to relax and enjoy the meal this year – Paul’s mom invited us to eat at their house (I’m bringing Garlic Green Beans at her request).

Easter Through The Years

5// I’m definitely looking forward to Easter weekend. The remembrance of Jesus’ death on the cross and the celebration of His resurrection from the grave is both vital and precious to me! Because He lives, I have the promise of hope today and eternal life forever!

Happy Easter Weekend!

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11 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. LOVING your Hobby Lobby finds, and that you scored an amazing deal on them! WOOHOO! 🙂 What a cute collage of Easter celebrations over the years!! Random side note — I was so glad to see you write “Thelma Lou” in today’s post! When I sent you that April Fools’ Day email with the kitty links I originally titled it “thinking of Thelma Lou” as I was sure that was your kitty’s name….went to your blog to double check and could only find “Peggy” so I thought I may have been crazy – lol! Now I realize you have two sweet fur babies! Glad I’ve got that straightened out – LOL 🙂 Hope you, Paul, Thelma Lou AND Peggy have a lovely weekend!! 😉 Enjoy celebrating our risen Savior!! xo


    1. Ha! Yes, we have TWO kitties who are named after the ladies of The Andy Griffith Show. 🙂 I took my sister with me when I went to pick out ONE kitty…and we each had to have one. She left hers with me when she got married, and I’m just fine with that! 🙂

      Have a great weekend – Easter is the best day, isn’t it?! Hugs!


  2. Happy Easter weekend to you. I’m glad that you get to sit back and enjoy having this holiday “off”. It’s always nice when other people have a favorite thing for you to bring to a gathering. Always makes me feel good 🙂 Glad the cats have recovered from the Great Vet incident of 2015 – haha!


  3. Love your Easter Dinner photos! This year I am having a baby shower Saturday afternoon for Daughter in Law, Nancy, so we will do an Easter Dinner on Saturday evening. It won’t be fancy this year as we are having BBQ and left overs from the shower! But we will all be together and I have Chocolate Bunnies for all the Grands and a pretty Appetizer Platter for all the couples. I used to do Easter Baskets for Everyone but I decided to change it up this year. I hope you and your sweet husband have a blessed Easter!


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