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High Five For July 4th!

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1// I hit 100 YouTube subscribers! Earlier this week I wrapped up my June vlogging challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed. I did a video where I answered some random questions, and the last day I wrapped it up with my favorite thing about blogging. The challenge was a fun introduction to vlogging, and I’m planning on doing more videos in the future. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me by watching, liking and commenting on the vlogs!

2// We got new bar stools for the breakfast bar! This actually happened a few weeks ago, but I’m going to count it because I love them so much. I bought a pair of bar stools from Target almost three years ago – and with my horrible assembly skills they weren’t ever very sturdy. They finally bit the dust (as in the seat came off the top of both of them!) so Paul got me a nice pair of saddle stools – which he assembled – so hopefully they’ll last a little longer. 🙂

3// Last week I picked up a bottle of OPI “my paprika is hotter than yours” and I enjoyed having it on my nails this week. My nails were horribly split and chipped, but with Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine as a base and top coat, I’ve gone almost 5 days with very minimal chipping! Someone even asked if I had a gel manicure. What a nice compliment!

4// The humidity is ridiculous here. Foundation does not want to stay on my face – literally by the time I get to work it’s all splotchy and gross looking. I learned a great tip from Kate: mix a little bit of moisturizer in your liquid foundation (I’m currently wearing Revlon Nearly Naked) before applying it to your face. It makes a huge difference in how long the foundation stays put!

5// Happy Independence Day! I’d rather live in the USA than anywhere else…and plus we have Target in America. 🙂 My flag-wrapped vase was inspired by The Glamorous Housewife – check out her post on how to make your own!

Happy July 4th weekend!

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12 thoughts on “High Five For July 4th!

  1. I haven’t gotten to watch all of your vlogs but I’ve enjoyed those I have gotten to watch. Your random questions video was cracking me up. . .especially sweet potatoes and stick shifts (I’m right there with you!). I’m thinking about doing some videos every so often, and starting with a reader Q&A session. . .but I need to get my house decorated so I have a place to film! Thankful for the new place, but I wish it was already painted when we moved in. Congrats on 100 Youtube subscribers, and I love your nail polish!



    1. Finding a good place to film is harder than I thought! 🙂 Thanks for watching my videos – you should definitely do some! They are great for letting readers see another side of you!


  2. I feel your pain regarding humidity and make up!! I had the same problem yesterday and I do use some moisturizer in my foundation. It was just so muggy that nothing helped. I did not even put on eyeliner or mascara for being afraid of walking around looking like a zombie with it splotching!! Glad you got your new bar stools. We sit at our breakfast bar all the time and good seats do make a difference. Happy 4th to you Whitney! We do live in the best country in the world!


  3. Love the new nail colors and your base/top coat routine must be great! I love the look of gel manicures but they are so pricey. I really need to get on board and give it a try 🙂 Happy 4th of July weekend


    1. I’ve never had a salon gel manicure…I tried the drugstore gel polish when it first came out a couple years ago. It does have a shine like no other – so I was excited that someone thought my $4 polish was gel! 🙂


  4. CONGRATS on hitting 100 YouTube subscribers! What a fun milestone, friend!! Have a fantastic 4th! …”we have Target in America” is a great reason to celebrate! lol 🙂 Thanks for kicking my day off with a laugh, Whitney! (Also, thanks for encouraging me to try Instagram, and for the warm welcome when I did! ;))


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