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High Five For Vacation!

Happy Friday

1// This has been an unusually awesome week! I’ll share things in the order they happened because I certainly can’t rank them in any other order! Having a week off from my day job was so refreshing. Just like people say they would go crazy being stay at home wives, I get kind of crazy from NOT being home as much as I’d like. Being on my own schedule and having a few days extra at home is definitely a high five for this Friday!


2// For the first part of the week I traveled to Kentucky to spend time with my grandparents. The drive up on Sunday afternoon was refreshing all by itself. I love being in the mountains! Before I left, I picked up an old Janette Oke book on CD which made the drive even more fun. I laughed and cried with the story!

Nana and Papa

3// I’ve mentioned before how special my grandparents are, and there’s nothing like a few days at Nana and Papa’s! We basically just talked and ate. πŸ™‚ Papa made homemade ice cream (oh. my. goodness.) and Nana’s suppers are always amazing. I love listening to their stories and soaking in their wisdom. I got some really good marriage advice from each of them that I’m sure will appear in a future post. πŸ™‚


4// I got to have lunch with Tif from Bright On A Budget! She lives less than 30 minutes from my grandparents, so I drove over to Lexington on Tuesday and met her for lunch. We met through the original H54F linkup andΒ have become bloggy friends over the last several months. It was so much fun to eat a meal with someone who was as intent on Instagramming the occasion as I was. LOL. We had a great time talking and catching up on the non-blog related areas of each other’s lives. Fun times!

Pauls Birthday

5// Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday! We (he) had an enormous lunch at Fuddruckers (his choice!) and then opened presents at home. This weekend we’re having a party with friends and family, but I like celebrating special occasions with just the two of us! He’s the sweetest gift God has ever given me (other than my salvation) and I love celebrating him! ❀

Have a lovely weekend!Β 

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22 thoughts on “High Five For Vacation!

  1. That sounds like a pretty amazing week! I love visiting family and just having time to sit and chit chat. And right there with you on enjoying home time and going stir crazy when you don’t get enough of it. Glad you got a chance to recharge!! And that you got to meet Tif!


  2. We are blessed to have good relationships with our Grandchildren, now adults. Most of them keep in touch, but Whitney always makes an effort to visit once or twice a year. she lives the farthest from us. It’s such a joy to have that time together.


  3. Sounds like a perfect week!! I’m glad you had such a great visit with family and friends in Kentucky. I always enjoy just sitting and chatting with grandparents. There’s so much to learn from them. Hope your birthday celebration for Paul is tons of fun.


  4. It sounds like you had a great week, Whitney! So glad you got a chance to be off and relax, visit your grandparents, meet with a friend, and celebrate your husband’s birthday! πŸ™‚ It’s such a coincidence that you mentioned Janette Oke … I just found the series “When Calls the Heart” on Netflix last week (I like it so far!) … so I did a little research and discovered that this TV series is based off a book with the same name by Janette Oke! I saw that she has several series of books, and I’m really interested in reading them! Which one did you get on CD?


    1. Hey Colleen! I LOVE that series on Netflix – can’t wait for season 2. Janette Oke does have a series by the same name, but the show is based on the sequel to that, called “Return to the Canadian West.” I love the original book series. My favorite book of hers is called “Roses For Mama.” I’ve read it many, many times. The one I listened to (to finally answer your question, ha) was “Once Upon A Summer.” It’s from a really good series too!


  5. BEST. week. EVER!!! Loved this post capturing it all, Whitney! πŸ™‚ So glad you enjoyed extra time at home, sweet time with your grandparents, met Tif (I sooo wish I could’ve been there enjoying pizza with you fun girls! :)), and celebrated your hubby!! My heart overflows with joy for you just thinking on all this goodness!! Definitely a week to remember. πŸ˜€ Hope your weekend is a lovely one too! Xx – Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate


  6. I LOVE being home! We moved several states away late February and I am not working. It is the best! My husband keeps asking about my day like I’m bored but I’m really enjoying it. Long walks with the dog can happen whenever we want and I’m not tied to a household schedule.


  7. Your #1 in this post could be written by me. I can’t understand people that getting bored by staying at home. I felt like this since i had been a child. Getting home from school as soon as possible had been always important to me, and now i want to get home from work as soon as possible. I love being at home!


    1. Me too!! I’m always so glad to be home, no matter how long or short the time away. We are all created differently, but I was certainly created to be at home. πŸ™‚ It’s nice to hear from another homebody!


  8. I just started following Tiffany’s blog thanks to your instagramming during your lunch. I love any blog that shares about being stylish on a budget! And you are so sweet to make visiting your grandparents a priority. I hope my grands will come and see me when they are older. I have heard of so many grandparents who never see the grands once they are on their own. We used to live in Louisville Ky so we drove through Lexington a lot on our trips between Louisville and Georgia. It is such a beautiful area!!


    1. My grandparents invested a lot in me and have really impacted my life. I don’t see it as a sacrifice to visit them – I want to cherish all the time we have! I hope your grands will do the same – send them my way if they don’t and I’ll give them a good talking to. πŸ™‚


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