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Lunch at JK’s Forest Grove Grocery

A few weeks ago while visiting my grandparents in Winchester, Kentucky, we stopped at JK’s Forest Grove Grocery for lunch. It’s an unassuming name and location – but this place is a slice of Americana! Located on Old Boonesboro Road, JK’s is a long time Winchester treasure. After 10 years of business downtown, they moved out to an old grocery store on a winding road lined with horse farms and limestone rock walls.

The front porch holds an Ale-8 vending machine (Ale-8-One is bottled in Winchester) and the famous beverage is a major theme in the restaurant’s decor. Just inside the door is an old Ale-8 chest beverage cooler.
JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com 10

JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com 9

JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com 8

You order from the day’s menu posted on white boards behind the counter. This charming old Hoosier cabinet, full of local antiques (and a jar with Kentucky tobacco) is to the right. It was busy in the restaurant, and to avoid getting unsuspecting locals in my photos I didn’t take pictures of the counter or menu.

JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com 6

JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com

Nana and I both ordered the beer cheese burger. It was delicious, smothered in melted beer cheese and served with potato salad.

JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com 11

JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com 4

JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com 5

The main dining room is packed with local antiques and more Ale-8 memorabilia. I enjoyed taking in all the local culture – it’s truly a slice of Americana!

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JK's Grocery via ComeHomeForComfort.com 7

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I hope you enjoyed my tour of JK’s! If you’re ever in Winchester, stop by for breakfast or lunch – enjoy an Ale-8 for me. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Lunch at JK’s Forest Grove Grocery

  1. It looks so quintessentially Americana! Love it!!! And I read “beer cheese” originally as “butter cheese”. And I was planning on asking for clarification, until I read it again 🙂 Funny fact for you! HAHA! But that burger does look yummy!


  2. Whitney, you did such a fabulous job of describing JK’s, and the lunch we had there. I am so glad we are close to this place, you are right a great piece of Americana.


  3. That burger sounds delish!! And I love the decor. I am hoping to do something along those lines in our cabin to be. As always I love your Kentucky posts…though we lived in Louisville, which is very different from most of the state.


  4. Wow, this sounds like such a nifty place! (And I love the name!) Thanks so much for sharing. If we ever get to Kentucky, we will have to check this one out for sure.


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