How to Make Your Closet Work for You : Part 2 

How To Make Your Closet Work For You via

For today’s post in the Working With Your Closet series we’re talking about going back to the basics. It’s pretty simple: figure out what articles of clothing you most need in your closet and stock up on them.

Last week I talked about looking through your closet and putting outfits together based on what you found. After looking through your closet, you might have realized that you didn’t have the clothes necessary to fit your lifestyle. For instance –  if you work in an office you need blazers, pencil skirts, and trousers, but if you found only shorts and tees, you’re lacking some wardrobe essentials. I realize that last week I stressed the fact that you can make outfits out of what you have in your closet already and you don’t need to go shopping – so this might seem antithetical. But if your clothes aren’t complimenting your lifestyle, then doing a little shopping for some basic, functional pieces will really help your outfit styling.

I work from home as a music teacher, so my outfits stay pretty casual. I’m not a huge fan of dressing up, so my closet contains mostly causal tops and pants, simple dresses, and A-line skirts. I’m able to mix and match my pieces to create different outfits that are simple and comfortable, but still look appropriate for teaching.

What items are essential to your lifestyle? Blazers and skirts? Jeans and tees? If your closet is lacking one or more of the essentials, maybe it’s time to do a little shopping! Investing in a few basic, solid pieces will help your closet be more functional and will keep you from over-shopping for clothing that doesn’t really work for your lifestyle.

If you aren’t exactly sure what items you need to stock up on, check out these articles for some guidance.

Alli Sig


6 thoughts on “How to Make Your Closet Work for You : Part 2 

    1. Thanks! I’ve found that my closet is so much more useful when I have pieces that I will actually wear during the week rather than just once a month so I thought it would be helpful to share!


  1. I have been working on my closet lately Alli! Being a stay at home Nana, I tend to wear casual clothes around the house but I do like to dress up for lunch dates with the girls and church. I do have a lot of black in my closet but I love black and every time I wear it, I get compliments. It sets off my silver hair and I always add a pop of color in turquoise or fushia most of the time! I have been investing more in statement jewelry pieces these days as I have most of what I need in my wardrobe.


    1. Keeping your closet updated according to your lifestyle is a good habit to have and it sounds like you’re doing a great job at it! I’m sure your outfits looks lovely and compliment whatever you’re doing =)


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