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High Five For Friday and All The Fall Things!

1// Like every other person on the internet, I’m so glad it’s fall! I’ve had fun slowly transitioning my decor for the season, and couldn’t resist this sign from (where else) the One Spot at Target. I also have a fun fall craft project that I’ll share with you next week.

Hello Fall

2// I am so glad that it’s Fall TV season! Most of our shows start next week – I’m excited about NCIS and New Girl. What show are you happy to see back this fall? My Timehop reminded me of those glorious Thursdays on NBC when The Office was still running. Those were the days.

3// A few weeks ago I mentioned that we’re watching as many Disney videos as we can before our trip. Somehow I’d never seen Mulan OR Hercules, so we knocked those out over the past week or so. I know all the songs from those movies, but now they make sense. Haha!

4// In case you missed it, I’m doing Vlogtober! I’ve already heard from several of you who plan to join me, and I’m so excited!!! If you already make videos, I would love for you to join me next month. If you’re contemplating a foray into YouTube, this is a great place to start! No matter what, I hope you’ll subscribe to my channel for some fun fall videos. 🙂

Vlogtober Prompts

5// Last weekend I went into my local Goodwill with $5 and a challenge to find something that I could use in my Fall decor. Watch my video below to see what I found!

Have a lovely weekend! 

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17 thoughts on “High Five For Friday and All The Fall Things!

  1. Loved the $5 challenge! Thrift stores are always hit and miss for me. I don’t know where our local Goodwill is, but we have several local charities that have large stores, and we always go in to scour the home section. And love a Disney movie marathon!!! After that, you should do an The Office marathon 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend!


  2. OK, now I’m sad that I didn’t stop by the One Spot today, but Chauncey told me to hurry and not stop (I still grabbed a chevron pumpkin). I’ll probably run back in tomorrow to see if I can find it. What a fun Goodwill challenge!!! GERMOPHOBES UNITE!!!haha And I think I’ve heard that what Target doesn’t sell gets send to Goodwill, so you’re probably right. Oh, and Hercules is one of my favorite Disney movies!!! All Mulan had going for it was that 98 Degrees song.



  3. Mulan is one of my favorites!! Glad you’re up to speed now. I’m excited for the return of Grey’s Anatomy and Fall TV in general. Looking forward to watching your Goodwill challenge video. Hope you have a great weekend.


  4. I watched your vlog as soon as it popped up on my radar!! 🙂 I am like you there is just something about Good Will places that make me uneasy. I have friends who find wonderful things there but I will just let them go to it. I do enjoy consigment shops and I have found some deals there. They are just neater and more polished!!


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