Serving – Because Marriage Matters {March Recap}

Serving Marriage Matters

Marriage and servanthood go well together. The best we can do for our spouses is to treat them like Jesus treats them, and the best way to do that is to serve. Jesus said, “I am among you as the one who serves.” (Luke 22:27) This month gave me lots of opportunities to serve my husband – it’s not usually a hard thing to do. I love him deeply and I genuinely want to make his life easy and pleasant. Sometimes though, it requires thinking ahead, doing things that make me gag (see the 2nd picture below) or making an effort to curb my lazy habits.

I want to encourage you to make an effort to serve your husband this week. Don’t let the needs of your other family members overshadow his. Think back to your early days of marriage and give him some of that undivided attention and care that came so naturally (if it still does, way to go!!).

Each Monday I post a picture on Instagram with a snapshot of something we do because marriage matters. You can read more about why we do this on my first Marriage Matters post. Here are the things I shared during March:

I hope you’ll join in the #MondayMarriageMatters challenge – of course you don’t have to post it on Instagram unless you choose to do that. If you need some ideas, check out this post from my friend Whitney @ Polka-Dotty Place. She and her husband are great at doing little things for each other to show their love. I hope you’ll take a moment this week and do something special for your marriage – because it matters!

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12 thoughts on “Serving – Because Marriage Matters {March Recap}

  1. Wonderful. Especially in a culture where marriages are tearing each other apart. To be like Jesus and serve those we love is a testimony. I love reading all about your challenge! This is my Party at My Place pick for the day! Posting on social media. Thanks for sharing at Party at My Place Whitney! Love having you each week.


  2. What a great challenge! I’ll definitely look for ways to join you on that IG challenge. All the little things really make a difference and sometimes mean the most.


  3. This is such a great reminder to be intentional with our marriages. When I was first married, I had a hard time serving my husband and I was often resentful towards him. Over the years my attitude has changed, and it has made such a positive difference in our marriage! I hope your husband is feeling better!


  4. I love this post! What a great reminder. My husband is my best friend, but there are so many times I let the hustle and bustle of life get in the way of serving him. I love your Instagram idea. I’m off to look you up right now, so I can follow along and participate next Monday. Have a great day!


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