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5 Pictures on Friday {4.29.16}

Hello lovelies! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. The last seven days have been jam packed for me – lots of early mornings and late nights, but lots of blessings and fun times as well. Today I want to share with you five of my favorite pictures from last Saturday. I got to spend the day in North Carolina (I heart NC!) at the camp where I spent eight wonderful summers.

My momΒ was the speaker for their ladies retreat, and I so enjoyed hearing her speak! Of course I enjoyed spending a little time with her as well as my sister, some of my sweet friends from East Tennessee and my friends that work at the camp (some of whom I hadn’t seen in years!). It was a fun day of fellowship, Bible teaching, gorgeous mountains and ice cream!



fallsMy sister talked me into the “short walk” that provided the view of the waterfalls above. The picture below tells you I how I really feel about “short walks” in the mountains on warm days. I need that shirt that says “I’m indoorsy.” πŸ™‚ It was worth it, though, to enjoy her company!


table rock

Here’s my question for you: are you “outdoorsy” or “indoorsy?”Β 

That’s it for me! Have a lovely weekend!

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27 thoughts on “5 Pictures on Friday {4.29.16}

  1. Haha. I’m the same about being indoorsy. It sounds like you had a wonderful time though! It so wonderful to see old friends.


  2. What a fun week!! Glad you got to pack in tons of good times with family and friends. Any week that involves ice cream and meeting up with loved ones is a good one in my book. I’d say I’m both indoorsy & outdoorsy. I love all the things indoors – crafts, cooking, decorating, etc. and I love being outside as long as I’m not sweating πŸ™‚ Maybe I’m seasonally outdoorsy haha that’s a mouthful.


  3. I am totally an outdoorsy girl!! Love hiking in the mountains, the beach, walking the dog, sitting quietly outside taking mature in. Always reminds me of the Bible verse ‘Be still and know that I am God’. I can do that outdoors.


  4. I think I’m both outdoorsy and indoorsy. I love being outside if there are few bugs and no snakes. We have very few snakes in NH, but in spring we DO have bugs. By summer, it gets better, and fall is perfect with no bugs at all. I enjoy having my quiet time outside when I can, and love campfires, the ocean, walking, tent camping, and easy hikes. Oh, and sitting by the lake at our favorite and all-too-seldom-visited getaway cabin. But I very much enjoy indoor pursuits as well.

    I’d love to visit the Wilds in NC sometime, but most of our travel is out west to visit family. We are so blessed to have the Wilds of New England just over an hour away from us, and the fall retreats there are a must for us. Always such wonderful, spiritually enriching times. So I envy you (in a good way) that you could attend this past weekend. I was praying for your mom as she spoke and was so tickled when I saw on her blog that you and Alli were both there. What a blessing that must have been!


  5. I like to be inside and outside! So sad that I couldn’t have been there too! Looks like you had fun! The retreats at the Wilds are so fun! ☺


  6. Love the pics!! As for the question, I’m outdoorsy…until a snake is spotted, at which point I immediately become indoorsy!!! πŸ˜‚


    1. Oh man. One of the summers I counseled at The Wilds, I had multiple snake encounters. There was a black snake living under the porch of my cabin – we’d come back from lunch to find him sunning himself on the porch. Yikes!!!


  7. What a fun week! I’m definitely outdoorsy – especially when the weather warms up – I eat breakfast outside, read outside, walk, yardwork, etc. I’d probably even sleep outside if I wasn’t scared of the dark! ha :)Where in NC was that retreat? The views of the waterfall and mountains are gorgeous, would love to add that to my & my hubby’s hiking list!


  8. I’m definitely indoorsy, except at the beach. I can handle being outdoorsy then. And I didn’t mind the “short walk” to the falls, but I could do without all those stairs. And I realized when I got home… how do I still not have a picture with you? πŸ™‚


  9. Definitely INDOORSY…I am a homebody with a capital H. But I do enjoy seeing nature just not the bugs, snakes etc. When my kids were at the Wilds, they told me about the waterfalls. I am sure Denise did a great job encouraging the ladies on retreat!!And so glad you got to spend some time with your mama.


  10. I’m so thankful you came to the retreat; it was so special to have you and Alli both there! Thanks for your support for me, both physically and through your prayer! In answer to your question, I would consider myself an outdoorsy. I love being in my yard, in the garden, or hiking to the falls! So I guess you took after your nana in that regard as well! 😎


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