Because Marriage Matters {June Recap}


marriage matters june recap post

Each Monday I post a picture on Instagram with a snapshot of something we do because marriage matters. You can read more about why we do this on my first Marriage Matters post. Having a strong and happy marriage doesn’t just happen – it takes work! If you need some help or encouragement to get started in the right direction, I love this post from Cord of 6 with practical tips to keep your marriage strong.

Here’s a recap of my #MondayMarriageMatters posts from June!

I hope you’ll join in the #MondayMarriageMatters challenge – of course you don’t have to post it on Instagram unless you choose to do that, but I love seeing what you share! There are over 100 posts under the #MondayMarriageMatters hashtag – head over there for some great marriage advice!

Take a moment this week and do something special for your marriage – because it matters!

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9 thoughts on “Because Marriage Matters {June Recap}

  1. How much taller is Paul than you? My husband is 6’7″ and I am 5’3″. I love to meet other couples with larger-than-average height variations.


  2. So sweet!! I love that picture of you and Paul. Great looking couple 🙂 I need to make myself a note in my planner so that I can participate in Marriage Matters Monday more regularly. Seeing your posts always spurs me into action to do something thoughtful so thank you 🙂


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