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5 Things on Friday {8.19.16}

Hi friends! I took the week off from regular posting, but I’m happy to be back today with a two week recap. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

1// Giving my parents the essential Greenville experience!

Downtown Greenville

My mom and dad came down two weekends ago for a wedding here in town. On Saturday night we headed downtown Greenville for supper at a super quaint restaurant. I had a delicious crab cake and everyone loved the chocolate peanut butter cake we took home with us for dessert. Afterwards we toured Falls Park (that somehow my parents had never visited – it’s the basic Greenville tourism activity!) and they enjoyed the flowers and scenery. It was fun to show them around even though I about melted in the humidity. Also I wanted to steal my mom’s awesome sunglasses. She’s so chic.

2// Visiting with Paul’s family

fun with the kiddos

Paul’s brother and sister in law were here visiting from up North. They have the cutest kids and we always enjoy seeing how much they’ve changed and grown since the last visit! Our niece loves for me to show her every item in my purse, so we did that and she got to try a little bit of Aunt Whitney’s lotion and lip gloss…and then she spent the next 20 minutes wrestling with her little brother and Uncle Paul Curtis. 🙂

3// Watching the Olympics!

As I mentioned before, I love the Olympics! It was so fun to be able to watch Michael Phelps’ final race live! I get so into it that I can’t sit on the couch – I either sit on the coffee table (closer to the TV) or stand right in front of the TV.

4// Eating ice cream…


Ice cream is the consolation prize for enduring an incredible steamy summer in the Carolinas. 🙂 At one point we had 5 cartons in the freezer. Yeah.

5// Re-planning vacation

We were planning a big road trip this summer, but our schedules have changed and now that’s not a possibility. I’m hoping to work in a few weekend trips that aren’t so far away.

So here’s my question for you: What is your favorite weekend getaway destination?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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18 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {8.19.16}

  1. Everyone needs a break now and then, so I’m glad you found time for fun and family! And what better time than the Olympics, too. 🙂 LOL about the 5 ice cream containers! It’s definitely an earned treat in the heat.

    As for a weekend getaway, I enjoy going to Kansas City to shop, eat, etc., but it’s a very rare occasion. The drive is about 3.5 hours, so it’s doable but a little long. The Plaza area ( is pricey but also very pretty, especially around Christmas. More regularly, I enjoy going to my aunt and uncle’s (about 2 hours away in South Dakota), but that’s usually not overnight. It’s fun to get away, even if for just a day!


  2. I live about an hour from Nashville, and it’s a great place to visit! There are lots of music and nature related activities in the area.


  3. We like to go to a little mountain town just a few hours away. We either take a tent and sleep in that or get a cabin for a couple of nights. There’s just something about the mountains that is refreshing 🙂


  4. What a fun, family filled week! Olive would love your game of show me everything in your purse 🙂 I always love having family visit us and getting to show them our favorite local spots. Your crab cakes sound delicious. My favorite road trips near you would be Hilton Head and Savannah. Not sure how far they are from you, but they’re both fabulous places to visit. They’d be great in the Fall so they wouldn’t be so hot 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. When I visited Greenville years ago, the Falls Park was fairly new, and I thought it was just beautiful! We used to take weekend trips to the mountains in TN/NC, but we haven’t done that in awhile. Now, we just take day trips and window shop and get ice cream. BTW, I like the new header!


    1. Thank you! I’ve been slowly working on updating the look of the blog. 🙂 Falls Park is really pretty – probably even more so than when you saw it back then, now that the landscaping has developed so much.


  6. I’m glad you’re back! I missed your posts this week!
    If I lived in Greenville, SC, I would spend every weekend I could in Charleston!!! It’s our favorite place (after home).
    We’re planning to take an overnight trip to Charlotte, probably sometime in the next year, to take the boys to all the NASCAR sites. And our big trip next year is driving the entire Blue Ridge Parkway (our 15th anniversary trip!).
    We used to love going to Chattanooga, but haven’t been recently. And we spent a weekend in Atlanta for our anniversary one year (with Ethan). I’m not sure if any of those are close enough for a weekend getaway for you. 🙂


    1. Gatlinburg TN in the fall- the cool mountain air and the town is decorated with fall colors everywhere 🙂 So refreshing after a hot summer.


  7. There are many sights we still haven’t seen in our very own state — we seldom play tourist either. But our top favorite place for a getaway (if we have a few days) is Pittsburg, a town (the town itself is tiny but the land area is huge) at the very tippety-top of New Hampshire. We love to rent a cabin on Back Lake for a few days and just relax to the max. This may happen once a year or so …


  8. Even though I live an hour and a half from Chattanooga, I have never played tourist. We just ride through on our way to North Ga. So when Marvin retires we have decided we will take a few weekdays and see the sights there. And my roommate from Nursing School just moved back there so I am planning to visit her as well. Most of our weekend trips are to Birmingham or Memphis. Both nice cities.


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