December Marriage Matters Recap


Sometimes Christmas magnifies the flaws in our relationships. We want our family gatherings to be pleasant, warm and filled with love and joy. It’s not always that way, is it? After a busy weekend with family I often find myself regretting the way I responded to my husband in a situation when he wasn’t doing exactly what I wanted at that moment. Anybody else like that?

I’ve shared these Monday Marriage Matters posts with you this year, not to paint our relationship as perfect, but to encourage you to work hard on your marriage along with us. There was more than one situation this holiday season that revealed the flawed nature of our relationship, and it’s so easy to let those times completely discourage me.

During one such afternoon I heard a song on the radio that lifted my heart and gave me so much encouragement. The words that caught my attention were, “Jesus, what a wonderful child! New life, new hope, new joy He brings!Jesus didn’t come to bring those things just to the people in Bethlehem on that night. He came to bring life, hope and joy to ME – to YOU – in every situation of our life. If you find yourself feeling discouraged and hopeless after a particular holiday situation with your spouse, run to Jesus. He gives life, hope and joy!

And now, a recap of this month’s Monday Marriage Matters posts!

I’ve really enjoyed sharing these posts with you this year (see all of them here). I haven’t decided if I will continue this series in 2017, so would you mind helping me by answering the question below? The survey is completely anonymous so you will not hurt my feelings. 🙂

Do something for your marriage today – because it matters!



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