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5 Things On Friday {February’s Highlights}

February always seems to go by so quickly! Here we are at the end of another month, so I’m wrapping it up with a few highlights!

1// Valentine’s Day

I enjoyed decorating for this holiday all throughout the month! We strung the celebrations throughout the weekend with coordinating V-Day outfits on Sunday, dinner on Monday and a yummy dessert on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day). On Monday Paul ordered his and hers pizzas from Pizza Hut – meat lovers for him and veggie lovers for me – and we enjoyed them at home over our favorite Seinfeld episode! It was deliciously romantic!


2// Answered prayer for my family!

My sweet sister and her husband have seen God’s hand at work in their lives in a tremendous way. This month they welcomed their first foster children into their family, and it is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen! I was able to spend some time with them one weekend, celebrating the answered prayer and enjoying my new role as Aunt Whitney (a new role for my side of the family)!!


3// The Best Yes

I’m really enjoying The Best Yes! I’ll talk about this more next week, but thank you to everyone who recommended that I read it.


4// Date Night at Furman

Paul and I attended a basketball game at Furman University. We rarely ever attend something like that together – he’s usually on the court as the referee, so it was fun to be spectators together! Paul wanted access to the replays, so he watched the game IRL and on the ESPN app. Haha!


5// Instagram Stories

I’ve been trying to post a few random snippets from daily life on my Instagram stories. I enjoy watching mini-vlogs and helpful tips on other people’s feeds, so I’m trying to work on adding that into mine as well. Do you watch Instagram stories?

Some of my favorite posts and videos from this month:

What was your favorite thing about February?


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18 thoughts on “5 Things On Friday {February’s Highlights}

  1. Sounds like your February was a busy one! Congrats to your sister, that’s so neat! Wish I could view IG stories, but my phone software isn’t compatible. Hopefully, I can upgrade soon!

    I think my favorite aspect about February was the fact that it was so warm here. We had a ton of 50-degree days, some 60s, and even some 70s. So many records set. It made getting through winter much more bearable! 🙂


  2. Oh, that is so great that your sister is able to do foster care! I enjoy watching IG stories, but still need to figure out how to do them. 🙂


  3. What a fun week! Congrats to your sister on her new adventure as a foster parent. That’s sweet you got to go and meet them. I love being an aunt 🙂 Your his and hers pizza sounded perfect. Glad you’re enjoying The Best Yes! I recommend it all the time because I really enjoyed it. Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂


  4. I haven’t been able to get into IG stories… maybe I should try more. I think one of my favorite photos in the challenge was y’all matching. I mean how cute was that?! Happy Daytona Day!


  5. Oh my! How exciting for your sister and your whole family! It’s just so wonderful that they’re opening their hearts and homes to foster children. Love that! And your Valentine’s day sounds perfect – even down to the Seinfeld episode 😉 Have a great weekend!!


  6. Hooray for a fab Feb.! I was thrilled for your sister and for the babies in her care when seeing that news on instagram! Love that you’ve been soaking up being an aunt for the first time on your side of the family. 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful upcoming weekend, Whitney! xo – Brenda //


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