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Boundaries In Social Media {From My Heart Friday}

Today’s post is actually a video – but this topic is one I’ve been thinking about all week and really wanted to discuss with you! In this “From My Heart Friday” video, I’m talking about boundaries in social media – both ones I’ve set up for myself and ways I am working to respect boundaries set in place by others. I’m also talking about the balance between sharing #RealLife and just sharing the highlight reel.

I hope you’ll take 10 minutes and join me – this is the kind of video you can just listen to while you do something else. Just in case you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll share the top two social media rules I’ve set for myself below.

My top two social media rules are this:

  1. My private life is my private life. I don’t owe the internet anything!
  2. I choose to share the highlight reel – the things I want to remember. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever share if I’m having a bad day, but I want to do it in a way that will encourage others and remind myself of what God taught me through the rough times.

Whether you have 10,000 Instagram followers or you’re a mom who shares pictures of your kids with your friends and family on Facebook, I hope the topics I covered in the video will be applicable and thought provoking for you. Let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “Boundaries In Social Media {From My Heart Friday}

  1. So many people on social media share, share share, and I wonder if they ever take a break. There are husbands, children, friends and other family members waiting in the wings, and they all deserve attention. 🙂 A “highlight reel” is a great way to put it! I personally find it more fun to see happy things the majority of the time, but a sad/bad moment definitely keeps it real. I’m of the philosophy that it’s a person’s page, and they can put whatever they want on it. If I don’t want to see it, then I’m not going to go there. 🙂

    And per your comment of talking while in the car, I do it too!! I often say “watch out” – to animals/people or “up the hill” – to my car 😉


  2. I am heading over to watch this in a bit Whitney, I have to tell you this has been on my mind as well this week. Two young ladies who are wives and mothers that I know are constantly doing Face Book Live Posts to talk about how their inner feelings. It bothers me. Of course they get lots of comments thanking them for being REAL….I want to say Really? These are things they should share with a best friend but not the whole list of their Social media friends and acquaintances. As an older woman I would really like to caution them about this as it has become a habit. Rant over!:)


    1. I think my generation needs older women like you to help us realize when we’re oversharing. I’m with you, the “real life” talk just seems like a desire for everyone to validate you in your mess – instead of elevating you to a better level of living. There’s my rant! 🙂


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