Enjoying The Journey

Confessions Of A Former Over-Sharer

Recently I discovered that you can change the privacy settings on individual Facebook albums, and even set them to be viewed only by you. I've been on Facebook since 2006, so a LOT of my pre-blogging life is documented there. At least once a week my Timehop app or the "on this day" notifications in… Continue reading Confessions Of A Former Over-Sharer

Enjoying The Journey

Boundaries In Social Media {From My Heart Friday}

Today's post is actually a video - but this topic is one I've been thinking about all week and really wanted to discuss with you! In this "From My Heart Friday" video, I'm talking about boundaries in social media - both ones I've set up for myself and ways I am working to respect boundaries… Continue reading Boundaries In Social Media {From My Heart Friday}

Time Management

3 Ways To Avoid Social Media Distraction

I received this question from a sweet reader last month: "How do you avoid getting stuck on social media or watching Netflix instead of getting things done? I have high aspirations, but I get easily distracted." That is an excellent question, and one I imagine we can all relate to!  The question above was submitted… Continue reading 3 Ways To Avoid Social Media Distraction