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Meet My Favorite Bloggers: Denise from RefreshHer

I’m launching a new blog series today – I’m calling it “Meet My Favorite Bloggers.” The internet constantly changes and bloggers fade in and out all the time. Because of that, the list of blogs you read every day might be really short!

Through this series I want to connect you with my favorite bloggers – the ones who have consistently inspired me with their content for years and years! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep a blog fresh and full of new content each week and I want to acknowledge those women who have done just that.

The first blog in my series will come as no surprise to you – but I want to feature her just in case you don’t already follow her!

Meet Denise from RefreshHer (also known as my Mom 🙂 )!

I asked my Mom a few questions to help you get a feel for her blog – and here’s what she had to say: 

I started blogging in August of 2008.  I had no idea what I was doing, really, but I had a desire to refresh the hearts of my church ladies.  Years ago, I had written a monthly newsletter for my ladies, and I thought this would be a better way to keep in touch with them. 

Though my goal started out with a desire to reach out to the women at my church, my purpose has never changed.  I long to refresh women in these three areas:

Heart – Our heart is the core of who we are.  I desire to help women realize that God loves them and has a purpose for their life.  I long to see them have a deep relationship and walk with God, and to have the joy of knowing Him on a personal level.  

Home – The Creator of the home has a plan for us to use this place for His glory.  I love writing about how to use our home to share His love with the stranger, using the Gospel.  It’s also a place to love our family, and I enjoy sharing recipes and decor ideas that allow us to show love to those that live there with us.

Life – Relationships like marriage, parenting, friendships, and church are integral parts of each of our lives, and I love writing about how to biblically strengthen these areas through the things God is teaching me in His Word and in real life.

A few of my favorite posts that I’ve written…

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll visit my Mom over on her blog! As you read above, she began blogging ten years ago this month! There aren’t many bloggers who have consistently posted for ten years – that’s quite an accomplishment.

I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorite posts with you as well:

Congratulations on ten years of blogging, Mom! ❤


14 thoughts on “Meet My Favorite Bloggers: Denise from RefreshHer

  1. Thank you, Whitney. It is so sweet of you to recognize my blog and its 10th anniversary. You are one of my top encouragers! You’ve kept me inspired and wanting to continue at times when I may have thought I was through. You read when I don’t think anyone else out there cares if I write one more word. Then you promote my blog time and time again. You’re the sweetest!
    Thanks, too, to those of you who wrote sweet comments regarding my blog. I’m so thankful for every single reader!


  2. I began in 2008 too. Also did not know what I was doing!! It’s been a joy to share in the same topics and heart of your mom. I’m sure we would be friends. (;


  3. Your mom is one of my favorites. I always look forward to her posts and I have tried many of her recipes. They are always good.


  4. I’m excited for this series! I always enjoy reading your mom’s blog. I appreciate her advice on mothering, marriage and more 🙂 You two are a lot alike and I love both of your blogs/vlogs/social media accounts.


  5. So sweet that you appreciate your mama’s blog. My daughter does not read my blog as far as I know. lol I look forward to seeing some new bloggers. It seems many are going to VLOGGING. I appreciate my long time blog friends.


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