3 Tips For Creating a Comfortable Guest Room

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Creating a comfortable guest room doesn’t require a major home renovation – just a few simple tasks! Whether you have an actual “spare” room that is reserved for company or a room that is vacated when company is expected, these tips will help you create a space that is inviting and pleasant for your guests.

#1 Keep It Clear Of Clutter

If you’re fortunate to have a room that can always be designated as a guest room, resist the urge to use it as the catch-all spot. Don’t let piles build up on the dresser or bed. Clean it as frequently as you clean the rest of your home. I find that making myself enter and clean a room regularly helps me to keep from using it as a storage space.

If you don’t have a designed guest room and someone in your home must give up their own room for your guest, this tip still applies. Clear the night stand, make room in the closet (or at least hang a hook on the closet door for their clothes), and even clean out a drawer if possible.

This also applies to the bathroom that your guests are using. Make sure there’s room in the shower for their toiletry items, clear the bathroom counters and give them a drawer or basket to house a few essentials.

#2 Provide a Variety of Fresh Linens

It goes without saying that clean sheets are a must – and if you have a designated guest room, just keep clean sheets on the bed at all times. As soon as my guests leave, I strip the bed, wash the sheets and put them right back on the bed so that I’m always ready for company.

The California Design Den sent me this 100% cotton sheet set to review, and I was excited to try it out on the guest bed. I choose the white set because I think that a bed made with all-white linens is so crisp and luxurious. They came through the wash beautifully and are buttery soft! These sheets from California Design Den remind me of my favorite set from Ralph Lauren.

Bed linens can be expensive, but this is an affordable set that is perfect for the guest room. They’re available on Amazon Prime, so you can get them quickly if company’s coming!

I like to layer the bed with a heavy comforter, a light quilt and an extra blanket or two (depending on the season). If you’re hosting a couple, try to remember that they might have different sleeping preferences and may need varying blanket weights to be comfortable.

#3 Offer A Few Extra Touches

The best way to figure out what extra touches your guest room needs is to spend a night sleeping there! You’ll find out if the bed is comfortable, if there’s a draft and if there’s a good place to charge your phone. I try to take note of the touches I appreciate when I’m a guest at someone’s home. Here are a few suggestions:

  • A small basket with water bottles and snacks
  • Nightlight (in the room and the bathroom)
  • WiFi information
  • Mirror and good lighting for getting ready
  • Books or magazines in case of sleeplessness
  • Small fan (a battery operated one from Dollar Tree or this mini-fan that is so quiet!)
  • Fresh flowers
  • Inspirational flip calendar or a framed printable with an encouraging verse
  • Hand-written note welcoming your guests
  • Turn off the overhead lights and allow the soft light from a lamp to greet your guests when they arrive
  • Small gift – a couple times recently, we’ve stayed with someone who left a little gift in our guest room. It made me feel so welcome to know that my hostess was really looking forward to having us. One was a little tin of mints with the hostess’ home town printed on the front – it made a sweet souvenir that I cherish!


Have you stayed with someone who made your visit extra special by the way they prepared the guest room? Tell me about it!

The sheets were sent to me in exchange for my review, and that’s really what I think about them. πŸ™‚Β 

9 thoughts on “3 Tips For Creating a Comfortable Guest Room

  1. You go above and beyond to make guests comfortable! I like having several different blanket options for our overnight guests. I’d hate for them to be too hot or too cold. Getting new sheets is my favorite so I’ll have to check these out πŸ™‚


  2. Love the idea of leaving a small gift for your guests….I am going to do that next time we have someone stay!


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