A Simple Tip For Organized Kitchen Drawers

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Some spaces work well when you pack them as full as you possibly can. That works well under the bed or in your storage shed, because you don’t access those things very often.

That method doesn’t work well for many areas of your home, including the top drawers in your kitchen. For example, this drawer is right underneath my main work area in the kitchen. I only keep the essentials in there!

This is what it looks like from overhead – it’s uncluttered so I can easily see what I need. I have plastic wrap, foil, freezer & sandwich bags, coffee filters, extra chip clips and twist ties, a marker for writing on the freezer bags and a box of tissues. Those are things I reach for at least once a day (most days).

It might seem random that I put the box of tissues in there – but that’s usually where I’m standing when Paul says “do we have any tissues?” #wifelife 

The clear organizers are from Dollar Tree – they come in packs of two and hook together. My container of muffin tin liners isn’t something I reach for often, but it really fits nicely there and doesn’t have a good spot anywhere else in the kitchen.

You might not have a nice, deep drawer like this one – but the drawers you access frequently should be filled with only the things you need frequently. Everything else needs a different home.

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For example, things I don’t reach for daily work better when stored in the back of the bottom shelf of my island. They’re accessible, but they’re not in the way when I reach for things I need all the time.

Take a minute and evaluate your main kitchen drawer – is it easy to access the things you need every day? You might be able to make your life a lot easier just by moving a few things around!


8 thoughts on “A Simple Tip For Organized Kitchen Drawers

  1. Good advice! I’ve tried to rework my kitchen drawers so that the most used kitchen utensils were in the top drawer and then stagger the three drawers below with specialty things that aren’t used as often. They could all use some maintenance right now thanks to all of my kitchen helpers 🙂


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