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Comfort Classics: The Philadelphia Story {new series!}

Often when I’m watching a movie I’ll share a clip of it on Instagram stories and play the “guess what movie” game with everyone. It’s fun to see who recognizes the movie and then to talk about it with you on Instagram.

I adore old movies – I grew up on them and continue to prefer the classics from 1930-1970 more than anything else that comes out today. I thought this would be a fun topic to cover here on the blog!

Each month this year I’ll share one of my favorite classic movies in a review-style post. I would love it if you join me in watching these classics each month!

Let’s begin with one of my top five favorite movies – The Philadelphia Story.


  • Year: 1940
  • Starring: Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart

Synopsis in my own words: A love triangle (maybe even a love quadrangle) where romance meets comedy.

Why I Love It:

  • I love the comedic acting and the quick, witty dialogue. The banter between Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn is hilarious, not to mention any interaction Jimmy Stewart has with another character. It’s such a quotable movie!
  • This is Jimmy Stewart at his comedic best, in my opinion. He’s certainly amazing as a dramatic actor in movies like The Greatest Show on Earth, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and of course, It’s A Wonderful Life – but in this movie he is so funny and downright adorable (see what I mean in the clip below!).

  • I love black and white movies, and this one (like Casablanca) is filmed so well that the black and white features really shine. I love the lighting on Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart in this scene below, which is also one of my favorites in the movie:

It’s Worth Mentioning That:

This was remade into a musical called High Society, which is a really good movie in and of itself. I love The Philadelphia Story so much that I personally don’t care for High Society – the dialogue is much slower and not as witty in the musical version.

Where To Watch It:

Currently you can rent it on Amazon Prime and YouTube or stream it on other platforms like HBO Max or iTunes, among others. If your library is allowing movie rentals right now, you might be able to find it there on DVD.

If You Like This, You Also Might Enjoy:

I tried not to give any spoilers in the clips I shared above. You’ll have to watch it to find out who ends up together!

Have you seen The Philadelphia Story? If not, have I convinced you to give it a watch?


4 thoughts on “Comfort Classics: The Philadelphia Story {new series!}

  1. I agree that Jimmy Stewart is so good on this movie! It’s so much better than High Society – Frank Sinatra can’t compete with Jimmy’s intense performance.


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