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February 2021 in Review

We started our year on a big high at Disney World, so I was a little afraid that February would be kind of a bummer month. While you can’t compare everyday life to vacation life, February has been a winner!

The first Sunday of February we served together at the church where I work. Quite a few of their music staff was under the weather, so Paul led worship and I played the piano.

Both of us have spent many years serving in church music, but it’s not been very often that we could do it together. It was such a blessing!

The next weekend my Mom and sister spent the weekend here so that we could all attend the ladies retreat at my home church. We so enjoyed the Bible teaching from Tara Leigh Cobble (you might know her from The Bible Recap) and the fellowship around God’s Word.

Of course we also enjoyed some delicious food and good shopping at all my local favorites.

It was such a treat to have 24 hours with just the three of us! My mom and sister are sweet gifts from the Lord. We had the best time together!

My family left just in time to avoid our surprise SNOW! It started pouring snow around 8:00 that night, and it came down for several hours. I was so happy to wake up on Sunday morning to find that the snow was still there!

The next weekend our Pendell niece and nephews were in town from New York. We got to spend a Saturday with the three of them (something we’ve never been able to do with them living so far away)!

Since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, we had a little party with all the fun Valentine’s Day things I had in my stash. They’re such cuties and loved making cards for everyone!

On Sunday, Paul and I celebrated Valentine’s Day after church with Pizza Hut and gifts. I surprised Paul with a gift I’d managed to buy at Disney World without his knowledge (I told that story in my Disney World haul video – it’s pretty good!). Paul surprised me by having some of my favorite VHS and cassette tapes converted to digital format!

Last weekend my Dad was in town to speak at a conference. Second to my sister, he’s been our most frequent overnight guest over the years and we always love having him here! Peggy looks annoyed in this picture but she really loves him too. Ha!

Today I’m wrapping up the month of family weekends by spending the day in Tennessee with my twin nephews!

This time last year (aren’t we all saying things like this?) we had no idea that a shut down and stay at home orders were just around the corner. This year I don’t want to take for granted any family time that we can fit into our schedules.

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How was your February? Did you get snow?

I hope that no matter what came your way this month that you can look to God and say what David did. “You reveal the path of life to me; in your presence is abundant joy; at your right hand are eternal pleasures.” (Psalm 16:11) I love what Tara Leigh Cobble says at the end of her podcast each day – HE is where the joy is!

4 thoughts on “February 2021 in Review

  1. What a fun, family filled month! I’m so glad you were able to make so many plans to see family this month and you got snow! Yay! I’m hoping one day to do a day with just my mom and sister. Maybe this Summer I could pull it off!?!


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