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Celebrating My Parents’ 40th Anniversary!

My sister and I love planning parties together, and we were so happy to plan one to celebrate our parents’ 40th anniversary! We knew we wanted it to be much smaller and more intimate than their 35th anniversary (although that was a great event, too!).

We decided to gift them a family photo session followed by a party with just the eight of us. Our photo shoot day turned out to be really rainy and cold, but the accent wall in mom and dad’s family room was perfect!

This is my favorite picture from the day – I’ve seen my dad pick mom up like this many times over the years. They have so much fun together!

Here are the original four Cunninghams!

After the photo shoot, we all went out for lunch and then came back to my sister’s house for the party.

My sister made a delicious and beautiful strawberry cake that was the star of the party!

I did the decorations and treat bags with a combination of Dollar Tree items and some printables from Hostess with the Mostess. The treat bags were filled with Hershey’s Kisses and wedding bubbles.

My parents’ marriage set the foundation for our family through their example of love, respect, kindness and servanthood toward each other. They are not perfect, but their relationship is a platform for the gospel that points people to Jesus and demonstrates the way He loves us!

They work hard on their relationship, go on regular dates, leave each other love notes, and give each other room to pursue things they enjoy independently. But their focus is not on themselves, their children, grandchildren or even each other. Their focus is on Jesus. They lean in to God’s Word and have pursued Him all of their adult lives. That makes the difference!

I could not be more grateful for my parents and for the blessing their marriage is to our family. Their 40th anniversary is this Sunday, June 20. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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14 thoughts on “Celebrating My Parents’ 40th Anniversary!

  1. What a sweet celebration!! Your family photo shoot turned out perfect. I love the blue colors everyone chose. I’m sure your parents loved and appreciated all your party planning. And that strawberry cake looks so good!


  2. Happy 40th Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! What a sweet post and beautiful photos! Your family is so blessed. 🙂 I hope it’s been a wonderful celebration! Best wishes to them!
    (My in-laws are celebrating their 40th anniversary this weekend, too!)


  3. Very sweet! Love the pictures! You and Allison are SO thoughtful! I know it meant so much to your mom and dad.


  4. Well thanks for making me cry! We are so blessed to have daughters that have showered us with so much love and kindness. Our 40th celebration, like all the others you’ve given us, was perfect and created such special memories for the both of us AND our family.
    I am one very blessed, imperfect woman married to an imperfect man of my dreams.
    Thank you for this sweet post. 💗Now excuse me while we go off to continue the celebration of our 40th anniversary. Woo hoo!!

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  5. Thank you for your blog post today! Brought tears. 40 years with your momma has been a grace-filled ride of so many joys and its share of trials. The journey has been and continues to be rich. Taking the scenic route is best!
    Throw into the mix three precious daughters, two fine sons-in-law’s and those two grandsons, and we can sing, “I have been blessed, God’s been good to me…..”


  6. You and your sister did a wonderful job with all the details of the party. The pictures are just great; you can tell how much in love your mom and dad are. Congratulations to them!


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