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Weekend Recap: A Quiet Tennessee Retreat {11.2021}

Several months ago Paul suggested that we plan a fun weekend in November. After an unusually busy season, he knew we would both need it. My Dad has a connection that helped us find a super affordable, lovely condo in the sleepy town of Crossville, Tennessee.

Crossville is kind of between Nashville and Knoxville – not really in the mountains like Pigeon Forge, but the scenery was gorgeous pretty much all the way there and all the way home. The fall colors were super vibrant and we had absolutely perfect weather.

We almost always take groceries to make a couple meals on trips like this, but we decided to make it super easy and just eat out. It was so nice! Note: If you’re planing a trip to Crossville, be aware that the restaurant pickings are super slim there. You’re much better off to eat in Knoxville.

Paul spoke my love language and did a little bit of planning for this trip. He discovered that The Princess Bride was playing in their downtown theater on Friday night! As 80’s babies, we’re big fans of this movie and quote it often. Paul says it’s possibly the best movie of all time. 🙂

It was really fun to see it on the big screen!

We enjoyed the luxury of slow mornings, cable TV and a super quiet location for reading and resting.

On Saturday we ventured out to a few places in Crossville. The slow pace and low traffic was such a nice change from where we live. The Rocking Horse Antique Gallery is a must-see if you love hunting for treasures like this!

Paul loves a good flea market! This wasn’t quite as great as the antique gallery, but it was fun to soak up the southern culture. I find that people in Tennessee are just generally nicer than anywhere else!

My sister recommended The Custard Cabin and it did not disappoint!

My dad is an encyclopedia of where to eat and shop east of the Mississippi, so thanks to his recommendation we spent some time in Knoxville on our way back home, enjoying lunch and shopping at The Pinnacle at Turkey Creek.

I’m so thankful to live in a place that’s just as good as anywhere else we visit (with Disney World being the obvious exception, ha!). It’s always sad to end a vacation but I’m so glad we get to return home to a place we love!

This was a special trip that I will cherish in my heart. It wasn’t perfect – nothing is – but it was really good!

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: A Quiet Tennessee Retreat {11.2021}

  1. What a lovely vacation, Whitney! The fall scenery looks beautiful! So glad you both got to go. The photo of you and Paul in the black/leopard jackets is so cute – that leopard jacket is adorable and your hair looks gorgeous! (It looks lighter!)


  2. I loved seeing your pictures from your trip. Paul did a good job planning! Wow! What beautiful scenery! It’s making me think we need to make a visit to Crossville! Sometimes sleepy towns are the best vacations, aren’t they?! I’m so glad you all were able to get away!


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