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Christmas Decor No-Spend Challenge

It's safe to say that I have a lot of Christmas decor. The photo in this post is from Christmas 2016 - I know I've added at least one more box to my collection since then! Knowing that there are at least seven bins of holiday decor in our storage room and remembering how much… Continue reading Christmas Decor No-Spend Challenge

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Christmas Home Tour {2016}

I love decorating my home for Christmas! I will admit, I was kind of sad to put away my fall decor...until I started opening the Christmas bins. Once I saw my treasured pieces that I've carefully hunted down through almost ten years of after-Christmas clearance sales, I forgot all about the pumpkins and couldn't wait… Continue reading Christmas Home Tour {2016}

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The Most Simple Christmas Wreath

Having beautiful wreaths on your front door usually requires either money or crafting skills. However...I'm very frugal, and I'm not crafty. So you see where that leaves me. 🙂 This year I finally came up with two wreaths that I'm proud of, and I made them using (almost) only things I had on hand! You… Continue reading The Most Simple Christmas Wreath