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The Most Simple Christmas Wreath

The Most Simple Christmas Wreath Come Home For Comfort

Having beautiful wreaths on your front door usually requires either money or crafting skills. However…I’m very frugal, and I’m not crafty. So you see where that leaves me. πŸ™‚ This year I finally came up with two wreaths that I’m proud of, and I made them using (almost) only things I had on hand!

You can see the arrangement I made for my front door in my Christmas House Tour post. Over the weekend I finished the wreath for our carport door. I think it’s so nice to have a wreath on the door you use every day!

Simple Christmas Wreath Come Home For Comfort

Here’s what you need to make this wreath:

  • A grapevine wreath (Mine is from Hobby Lobby)
  • One strand of berry garland (Also from Hob Lob)
  • One roll of wired ribbon (Mine is from Dollar General)

I just wrapped the garland around the wreath and then secured it with the ribbon. It took a couple tries to get the ends of the ribbon in the right spot to tie them for the bow, but I finally got it. This door is on the side of the house and doesn’t get much wind. You could secure the garland with some floral wire under the ribbon if your wreath will be exposed to a lot of wind.

Do you have any secrets for making beautiful wreaths?

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8 thoughts on “The Most Simple Christmas Wreath

  1. I think you can no longer say you aren’t crafty after this lovely wreath!! It turned out GREAT. I always love a berry wreath and your plaid ribbon is the perfect pop for it. Oh and your bow is really pretty, too!!


  2. I like to use natural and seaside decorations… this is not a wreath, but I sprayed a bunch of large pine cones gold and put them in a basket with white starfish and tucked the basket into an empty corner. Love your blog, Merry Christmas!


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