Caring For And Styling Fine, Straight Hair

Caring for and styling fine straight hair with products Come Home For Comfort

Today’s post is not typical subject matter for Come Home For Comfort. I am not a beauty blogger and I have no aspirations to become one! However, I am constantly asked what products I use on my hair. I figured if so many people are curious – you might be interested as well! It is really important to know what kind of hair you have. That might sound funny, but our hair does change as we get older. I have a completely different head of hair than I had 10 years ago! I used to have thick, coarse, straight hair. In my late 20’s I found my hair changing to a very fine, dry (and still straight) texture. I take care of and style my hair much differently now, and that makes all the difference in how it looks. If you have hair like mine…here are the products I recommend, in the order I use them every day. They can all be purchased at the drugstore or Target – no expensive stuff here!

Caring for fine straight hair Come Home For Comfort

  • Shampoo: Herbal Essences “Hello Hydration”
  • Conditioner: Herbal Essences “Body Envy”

(Sometimes I switch it up and use the Body Envy shampoo and the Hello Hydration conditioner) 🙂

products for fine straight hair Come Home For Comfort

  • Mousse: Aussie “Aussome Volume” in maximum hold
  • Dry Shampoo: Suave Professionals “Salon Proven”
  • Hairspray: Aussie “Aussome Volume” Finishing Spray in maximum hold (updated 4/16: I now use and love Pantene Air Spray in #3 hold)

The product that has been a game changer for me is the dry shampoo. I have to wash my hair every day, so I never use it as a “second day refresher” like many do. Before I tease or style my hair, I lift my hair in sections and spray the dry shampoo at the roots. Once I work the shampoo into my hair, I style it and finish with hairspray. The magic of the dry shampoo is that my hair holds the style all day long…which I found to be nearly impossible otherwise. Dry shampoo for the win! If you have any questions or want to know who cuts my hair, please email me (comehomeforcomfort at gmail dot com) or use the contact form. I’m happy to help! Blog Sig


14 thoughts on “Caring For And Styling Fine, Straight Hair

  1. I love your bob haircut – what do you tell your stylist to achieve your style (I’ve tried to do a similar style but my stylist doesn’t seem to “get it.” Thanks for any input/advice.


  2. Great tips, Whitney. Now I know your secret. Truly, your hair is lovely every time I see you. My hair is very course now at my 50 yo age, but I still get oily spots at my temples. I use dry shampoo for this very reason, when needed. I don’t wash everyday as I think my would become even more brittle. I would have never thought of using the dry shampoo for hold before styling. I’m going to try that. One question, do you use the dry shampoo at the same time as your mousse? Is your hair wet when applied?


  3. So, dry shampoo is the game changer, you are so right that it holds the style all day long and I’ll probably be a fan of it’s original use too come Baby Adams but I have been converted. 🙂


  4. My hair is the same way. Try this if you want to have 2nd day…no wash hair. I could NEVER do this before. A friend suggested I use baby powder on my roots on the 2nd morning…then, rub in. Not a ton, just a sprinkle. I always spray the dry shampoo just a bit too to add texture. Then I tease it and style. They key for me is one side of my “bangs”. It would get too oily if I left it down, so I twist and pin it back with bobby pins. It’s wonderful to be able to not have to wash it everyday! I was afraid to try it, but so glad I finally did.


      1. I understand…but seriously you should try it on a Saturday just running errands or something. It could change your ahem…life 😉


  5. Thanks for the tip on using dry shampoo Whitney…believe me, your hair will continue to change. My hair used to be very thick, fine and oily. I had to shampoo every day. Now it is dry, thin and fine! I do not have to shampoo every day, in fact it does better now if I only shampoo a couple of times a week. Your hair always looks lovely and I like your cute bob. I am growing mine back out to a short bob and I promise myself never to get a haircut on a day where I am feeling sad!!lol.


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