Smoky Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Here is one of my go-to pasta dishes! I make this all the time, whether it's for a quick weeknight meal or for company. It's a no-fail recipe that uses ingredients that you can easily have on hand. Besides, who doesn't love creamy, cheesy pasta? Smoky Chicken Alfredo Pasta (serves 2-4*) 1 Package Chicken Sausage… Continue reading Smoky Chicken Alfredo Pasta


Crab Cakes for Frugal Crab Cake Lovers

this post contains affiliate links I absolutely love crab cakes - they're my favorite thing to order at restaurants! If there's a crab cake on the menu, chances are it will end up in front of me. They're just so hard to resist...especially when paired with another delicious component!  I love being able to recreate… Continue reading Crab Cakes for Frugal Crab Cake Lovers