How to Organize Your Closet

Are you ready to organize your house, one room at a time? Here we go with the master bedroom closet!

How to Organize A Small Closet Come Home For Comfort

Here’s what I use in my closet and where you can buy it:

  • Two stackable drawers: the drawer on the right is 12 years old. It’s been through camp and college with me! Sniff. They last forever!
  • One basket for socks and bathing suits (odd combo, I know): from Hobby Lobby’s clearance aisle a couple years ago.
  • One shoe organizer: from TJ Maxx, about $10
  • One basket for scarves and belts: Dollar Tree
  • One plastic container for out of season clothes: Target
  • Two over the door hooks – one inside the closet for lounge wear, one outside for the next day’s oufit: from TJ Maxx
  • One decorative storage box for jewelry: Home Goods, on clearance for $3

closet collage

  • I lined the inside of the drawers with scrap book paper to make them look a little more fancy. If you would like for me to post a tutorial on how I did that, please let me know!
  • Having an accessible lint roller is a necessity when you’re a cat owner! It works really well for me where it is.
  • My basket for scarves and belts will be much more full when I add my fall and winter things! I like using a plastic basket for scarves – the material won’t snag when I pull anything out of the basket.
  • The third picture shows you what I did on the inside of the closet door. I hang my bathrobes and lounge wear on those hooks so I can grab them easily (and also put them away quietly if my husband is still sleeping while I’m getting ready). Those kinds of things just don’t fold nicely, so I gave up trying.

This closet organization system works really well for me. Having a place for everything keeps me from dumping my clothes in piles on the floor (yes, I have been known to do that). I hope that you’ll find some inspiration from my closet!

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15 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Closet

  1. It looks like you were able to do this fairly cheaply. Hmmm I think I might need a visit to TJ Maxx soon. My biggest problem, however, is that I don’t actually have a closet. So, right now I have 2 large hampers that I keep my clothes in. As you can imagine, this is really not very convenient for me. Any tips on how I could be more organized without actually having a closet? Thanks, friend! ♥


    1. Oh yes, cheap is my middle name. =) You thought it was Leigh, didn’t cha?

      Wow, not having a closet would be a pain….but here’s my first thought. Get something like this:
      I would look at TJ Maxx for that. I don’t shop at the container store…I just get my inspiration there and find it cheaper somewhere else. This would give you a space to hang at least a few things.
      I’d also recommend you get a stackable drawer of some kind, like I have in my closet. Those are great even for underwear, and they aren’t too expensive.
      The Dollar Tree is a great place to find organizational tools – but it can be hit or miss sometimes. You might be able to get some smaller bins there that would keep you a little more organized. Having one bin for each type of clothing (tops, jeans, shorts, etc) would probably help.

      Hope that gives you some ideas! Thanks for reading! =)


      1. Oooh Thanks friend! That is such a great idea! I had considered stand up closets, but had never thought about some kind of rod that could go on the back of the door. That would make things a lot simpler for me. 🙂 I am going to be on the look out for one of these. And, confession, I sometimes shop at the container store. 🙂


  2. I organized closets this summer. I found a lot of neat ideas on pinterest! I used shower hooks on a pants hanger to hang scarfs and belts. Love your tips!!


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