The Seasonal Switch – 5 Steps To Success!

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It’s time for the seasonal switch – the chore that happens at least twice a year, where you put away all the out-of-season clothes and pull out all the current season clothes. Unless, of course, you have a huge closet and can keep all your clothes out at the same time. In that case, I’m jealous of you. 🙂

This can be an overwhelming task – especially if you’re doing this for yourself as well as others in your family. Staying focused and keeping on track will make a huge difference in your success. Here are 5 steps that help me with the seasonal switch.

1. Assess the current situation of your clothes.

Before you do anything else, weed out the clothes that you didn’t wear at all during the past few months. If they are just too old and ratty looking, dump them in the trash pile. If they don’t fit well or simply don’t suit your style, dump them in the donate pile. Sometimes I hang onto something I’m not sure about, but if I haven’t worn it during the last two years, it has to be donated. Things that need to be washed before storing go into another pile.

2. Pull the out of season clothes and fold/hang them for storage. 

This is also a good time to make note of key wardrobe items you need. For example: If you had to toss your basic black cardigan during step #1, make a note on your phone to look for one during off-season clearance sales.

3. Assess the current situation of the new season’s clothing.

Same thing as #1 – get rid of old or unsuitable items. If you didn’t wear it the last time these clothes were in season, it needs to go.

4. Do the switch!

If you’re like me and use the same bins for storing whatever clothes are out of season, this gets a little crazy. You have to put away the new season’s clothing before you can put away last season’s stuff. Stay on task and don’t get distracted. Push through the piles and finish the job.

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5. Put everything where it goes.

Immediately fill a garbage bag with things that you’re throwing away – and take it to the trash can. Fill a bag with things to donate – and put it in your trunk. Pack the out of season clothing – and put it in storage.

I know that might sound obvious, but there have been times I’ve left a bag of “donation” clothing in a spare bedroom or closet for months before I remembered to actually take it to Goodwill. I find that putting those things in my car right away helps me finish the job.

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Have you done the seasonal switch? What makes it easier for you?

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9 thoughts on “The Seasonal Switch – 5 Steps To Success!

  1. So much wisdom here – I love the idea of assessing what you have at the end of the season before packing it all away and I like the idea of donating right away. I have a bag in my closet that’s just waiting to be donated since my last closet clean out. Probably would be long gone if I’d put it in my trunk immediately. Cat helpers are also very instrumental in this whole closet switch. So many new areas and things to explore or nap on 🙂

    I’m planning to do a purge of winter items especially my shoes. I need to honestly reassess my shoes situation since my shoe size went up a bit after having Olive. I’ve held on to pairs I love in the hopes that my feet would magically shrink to fit back into them! haha I should also purge my purses and tops. I’m hoping to tackle this project in the next few weeks so thanks for your timely post.


    1. You’re so sweet, I’m glad it was helpful! The minute I empty out a box or a bag I can guarantee a kitty will be in it. They have to check out all the new spaces! I always have extra space on my closet floor when I put the boots away for the spring, and I have to make sure I don’t shut the door on a sleeping kitty! Good luck with your project!


  2. I don’t switch seasonally for a few reasons. One big one is I always wear layers in the winter, so I need my summer clothes in the mix. Another is my closet isn’t huge, but big enough for what I have, because I just don’t have very many clothes, especially that are seasonal. And I don’t really have the room to store them outside of my room.
    I also don’t store my shoes or coats in my bedroom closet. Everyone’s shoes & coats go in the coat closet near the front door, so that saves me some space. I like your process for thinning out clothes, though. I do try to go through all our clothes once a year to get rid of anything we need to.


  3. I think great minds think alike Whitney, as I follow the same program as you in switching out clothes. All though now I have room to hang up out of season clothes in an upstairs closet. I also took my winter comforter off the bed and replaced it with my light white quilt. The comforter is at the dry cleaners being freshened right now.


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