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How To Eliminate The “What Am I Going To Wear?” Struggle

I’m not a morning person…I can’t really even open my eyes all the way until after 9 AM. My detailed morning schedule keeps me from having to think about much of anything during the morning. There’s no room in my schedule for choosing an outfit or finding a different top (because the one I needed is in the laundry). Nothing looks good on me in the morning…because it’s the morning.

None of this is a problem, because I’ve eliminated the “what am I going to wear?” struggle. You can rid your morning of those stressful moments, too!

1. Limit your closet/dresser to the items you actually wear.

It is amazing how much easier it is to choose an outfit when your options are all things you can actually wear. If you have more than one season’s worth of clothes in your closet, you end up wasting time each day pushing through all the out of season clothes while you look for what you need. Click here to see my process for changing out your clothes each season.

The same thing is true of clothes that don’t fit or don’t suit your current style. They aren’t helping you choose an outfit – get them out of the closet!

2. Choose your clothes one week at a time.

This is something I never regret doing. I’ve talked about this before, but this is such a time saver! If you pick out your outfits when you’re not in a rush, you can easily work through issues like finding a stain or a rip (the story of my life) in that new top you planned to wear. That kind of problem is such a pain when you only have 5 minutes to be out the door! A good friend of mine is a teacher and has to be at work super early every day. She’s been laying out her clothes on Sunday night for many years now and swears by the process. She even lays out her shoes and jewelry so there’s nothing left to do but put everything on!

3. Find outfit inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram

This is me at least once a week. I’m always looking for new ways to mix and match the items in my closet, and Pinterest helps me with that. If there’s a blogger or person who’s style I like, I troll their boards or Instagram feed to see what they’ve pinned or posted. I always end up finding cute outfits that way!

My sister has great taste, so I asked her to make a Pinterest board for me. She put together a bunch of ideas for things I could wear to work and it has been so helpful!

Are you a victim of the “what am I going to wear” struggle? 


10 thoughts on “How To Eliminate The “What Am I Going To Wear?” Struggle

  1. I love picking out clothes in advance, have an outfit ready to go the night before and would love to create a capsule wardrobe of only the things I really wear and feel good in. That would be a fun project for summer and I think I’d enjoy getting dressed more. I try to pick out a few new accessories each week in the hopes of changing out my typical outfits a bit.


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