Entertaining Can Be Simple!

Fall Entertaining Come Home For Comfort

So many people are hesitant to entertain in their homes, for one reason or another. I will admit that I’m not as eager to entertain as I should be, although I never regret taking the opportunity. We entertained all of my husband’s immediate family (including our precious baby niece!) over the weekend. I am so thankful that although our home is not large, there was plenty of room to seat everyone around the kitchen table!

We had a light meal in the early evening, so I kept the menu and table setting simple. Here’s what I served:

Chicken Soup Come Home For ComfortI served the soup in these darling pumpkin bowls. Everyone loves eating out of a cute bowl! 🙂 One of the best things about this menu is that it can all be made ahead of time. I love having everything cleaned up and put away when my company arrives, so I’m able to focus on my guests.

Do you have a simple, go-to entertaining menu? Tell me about it in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Entertaining Can Be Simple!

  1. I think that a pretty table setting and cute dishes make any menu grand.

    A simple, make-ahead menu is always the right kind because its the people at the gathering that are the most important thing.

    For a dessert, a go-to recipe I like is a Dump Cake. Making it ahead allows the flavors to marry. It always taste better the second day.

    And, as you know, Whitney, my go-to main dish is Taco Soup. Mmmmmm! And it’s just the right time of year for a bowl.


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