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Nothing Could Be Finer

“Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning!”

Personally, I prefer several other states to South Carolina, but there’s no doubt that Charleston is a charming old southern town! My husband and I were able to spend a night last weekend in Charleston. It was a lovely fall day, cool and slightly breezy without a touch of humidity! My hair and I were grateful. 🙂

There’s a reason South Carolina is the Palmetto State. These trees are plentiful in Charleston!


We parked the car and walked through downtown towards our lunch destination. Around every corner is a quaint view of brick crosswalks, ornate lamp posts and quaint store fronts.

IMG_4879We ate lunch at Hymans Seafood on Market Street. It’s a fairly well know establishment with walls covered in autographed photos of the celebrities they’ve served. We had fried green tomatoes over creamy grits, hush puppies, cole slaw, and an assortment of fried seafood that was absolutely scrumptious. Needless to say, we waddled out of there! 🙂 Here’s my charming husband as we discussed the menu…


(we shared this plate. just wanted to clarify. ahem.)

We needed some exercise after all of that, so we embarked on my favorite form of exercise – shopping! 🙂 The historic Charleston City Market was established in 1807 and contains four blocks of open air buildings! Each building has a plethora of gifts, jewelry, clothing, handcrafted items and novelties rich with the history of the Old South. There were several Christmas booths with festive pretties.




Often in South Carolina, you’ll see a run down home right next to a lovely one. That’s the case in Charleston, with so many historic homes that haven’t been maintained. This home caught my eye with the pink siding (pastel homes are common in Charleston) and upstairs porch. Wouldn’t this be a lovely home or B&B? IMG_4891Isn’t this old church incredible? I forgot the name of it, so I can’t #CTG (consult the Google) to tell you how old it is.

IMG_4897One last picture, and then I’m done. Promise. 🙂 A Carnival Cruise ship was docked at the pier, and we randomly realized we knew some of the people on board! Wouldn’t it be fun to head off to sea on that thing? (Actually, Carnival wouldn’t be my first choice for a cruise, but you get the idea)


We had a great day in Charleston! God is so good to give us times like this. Thanks for re-living our fun day with me!


7 thoughts on “Nothing Could Be Finer

  1. Love, love, love your blog today,and it’s because I love Charleston, SC. I love going down King street, where the high end antique stores are, and Rainbow row on the Christmas ornament, is darling. I remember the older women on the street selling the grass baskets they make, and the Pink House restaurant, also the Bride house, that was built for a daughter as she married by her loving father. The Battery, where the street is made of crushed shells. Many memories of times we toured there.


  2. I love Charleston! We go every year & stay at Folly Beach. The church is the Circular Congregational Church, I believe. 🙂


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