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Always Ready for Company

“I would love to be that woman whose house is always ready for company. That would make me feel like I had it all together.”

That was a statement thrown out during one of those mealtime-anything goes-all female discussions at my office last week. Almost everyone at the table nodded in approval, eyes wide in awe of that woman. One lady sheepishly raised her head to state, “I think my house is like that, it’s usually pretty clean.” Another was quick to add that she had children, and that made having a clean house impossible. I thought to myself, “If I’m not that woman, I want to be!”

Do you want to be that woman?

My standard for a house that is “ready for company” is:

  • Clean bathroom – plenty of toilet paper
  • Organized laundry room – more clean clothes put away in bedrooms than dirty clothes piled on the floor
  • Tidy bedroom – bed made, clothes put away and not falling out of the closet
  • Clean kitchen – no dishes in the sink or dish drainer, clean countertops and a plate of baked goods or snacks
  • Tidy living room – pillows straightened, rug vacuumed, no stray pieces of kitty litter (yeah it happens) on the floor

Aren’t these similar to the things you’d do when company is coming? We want people to feel comfortable in our home, to not be put in awkward situations and to have their needs met while in our homes. That’s why we clean the kitchen, put away laundry, stock the toilet paper and provide tasty treats.

Ready For Company Come Home For Comfort

Don’t we want the same things for our families?

I want my house to always be “ready for company” because my family is more important than company!

  • I want my husband to feel comfortable in our home, so I make sure there’s room for his ear buds and night time reading in his night stand.
  • I don’t want my husband to be put in awkward or unpleasant situations in our home, so I empty the bathroom trash can frequently during a certain time of the month (ahem).
  • I want my husband to have his needs met in our home, so I plan meals that he will enjoy. I try to make sure we don’t run out of milk for his morning cereal (I eat my cereal dry. Weird, I know). I try to keep his work clothes clean and put away.

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor. Romans 12:10

If my house is “always ready for company,” it’s not because I have something to prove or because I possess super powers. It’s because I’ve chosen to give preference to my family and the place they call home. That’s why I strive to be that woman. Stay tuned for some tips on how to have a company-ready house without losing your mind. 🙂

*Disclaimer: my house is not spotless. We live here and you can tell it.*


6 thoughts on “Always Ready for Company

  1. I love that – “My family is more important than company.” Yes! You’ve got it! If we keep things in our home in a way that is comforting and inviting for them, then our guests will feel that love and will be very at home with us, too!


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