DIY Mounted Flat Screen with Hidden Cords

DIY Mounted Flat Screen with Hidden Cords Come Home for Comfort

The fact that the title of this post begins with “DIY” makes me chuckle. I’m the farthest thing from a DIY’er, and my charming husband is not far behind me. But rest assured, the only way I’m associated with this DIY project is that it happened in my home. Here’s the story…

We have a wonderful flat screen TV (as do many, many Americans) that has been mounted to our living room wall wherever we’ve lived for the past three years. No woman I know likes the look of those fat cords hanging down the wall…but our TV also has a computer, DVD player, mouse and two hard drives attached to it. It makes for incredible TV viewing options, but it makes an ugly mess. I was careful never to take pictures near the TV because it looked so messy…but here’s one peek from Christmas, where an unfortunate glimpse of the TV was captured ….

messy tv cords
you can only see half the cords in this shot…

Thankfully, my husband had a grand idea to thread the cords through the empty space in the wall behind our TV (inspired I believe by this post), and to store the computer accessories on a shelf in the laundry closet which backs up to the TV wall. His grandpa came up with a carload of tools, and they got to work after Christmas! Instead of using the fish tape that was mentioned in the inspiration blog post, they used twine and duck tape to pull the cords through the wall. 🙂 Hey, it worked! Here’s what you see in my laundry closet, on the other side of the wall from the TV. I couldn’t be happier that this mess of cords is behind closed doors!

tv cords in laundry room
the other side of the TV wall

And now, the best part….here’s what the TV looks like now! It makes me sigh with contentment every time I see it.

mounted tv with hidden cords come home for comfort

Since this project requires more than one set of hands to thread the wires through the wall space, we’re calling it a DIWOP project (do it with other people). Ha!

I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out! Have you conquered the mounted TV cord disaster? If you have any questions about how my husband did this project, please leave a comment or shoot me an email. This is one DIY (or DIWOP) project he’s pretty proud of! 🙂

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