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Saving Money On Groceries – Part 1

I’m sharing my grocery saving strategies that have saved us at least $1900 every year. Let’s get started with tip #1!

saving money on groceries #1

Tip #1: Buy only what is on sale

This is my favorite tip because it’s the one that I feel has saved me the most money. This is also the first step to successful couponing, but it does work without coupons as well. You obviously can’t jump into this one completely the very first week. If you do, you probably won’t come home with what you need to make rounded meals. However, once you get a few months into this one, you will see significant savings. Here are a few things that make this work:

1. Shop at a grocery store (not Walmart – choose a store like Bi-Lo, Ingles, Publix or Kroger)

I realize that true grocery stores have higher everyday prices than Walmart. But trust me, their sales are amazing.

2. Make a list of the things you like to keep in your pantry and fridge

For me this is things like shredded cheese, tortillas, hot dogs, mayo, ranch dressing, Cheerios, pasta, pasta sauce, lunch meat, cream of mushroom soup, etc.

3. Learn your store’s sale cycle

Everything in your grocery store goes on sale at some point. Pick an item and watch the price change every week. At my grocery store, the price for shredded cheese will go from $3.38/bag all the way down to $1.67/bag. You better know that I’m buying cheese the week it’s $1.67! That lowest price is called the rock bottom price. It won’t ever be lower than $1.67.

4. Stock up on your “need to have” items when they are at the rock bottom price

You don’t have to buy 37 bags of shredded cheese when they are $1.67. You just have to buy as much as you need to get you through until the next time it’s $1.67 (about six weeks). Because once you’ve paid the rock bottom price for cheese, who wants to pay $3.38? Not me!

If you’re stocking up on those “need to have” items at their rock bottom price, you’re already saving 35-40% on those things you buy most often. How cool is that?

As much as I hate to admit it, there is an exception to every rule. Of course there are things I buy that aren’t on sale. Milk is a great example of this exception because it doesn’t really go on sale. However, there are things that I never ever pay full price for. A few of those are:

  • Meat 
  • Cereal
  • Cheese
  • Condiments

Here’s my challenge to you: buy one “need to have” item that’s on sale this week. Look at the sale tag, do the math and decide if the sale price is a 35-40% reduction. Once you’ve done that for a few weeks, you’ll be on your way to a stocked pantry AND a smaller grocery bill! This tip works best with the rest of my strategies for saving money on groceries, so come back tomorrow for tip #2!


10 thoughts on “Saving Money On Groceries – Part 1

  1. Great post! I am going to keep track at my local grocery store and the one I like in the city. I will see if I can figure out the sale cycles. It is kind of sad that I worked in a grocery store at one time and I never realized the sales were cyclical. Oh my. Ha ha.


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