Ingles Grocery Haul + Predictable Grocery Sales {Menu Monday}

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This week’s grocery haul is proof that shopping the sales cycle is a predictable and easy way to save money! My Timehop app sent me this Instagram, posted almost a year to the day I bought this week’s groceries. Five of the items in that picture were purchased on the same sale/coupon matchup I saw in the grocery store this week! I didn’t pick up all five of the items (the Ranch seasoning packets were sold out and we are stocked on fruit snacks from a few weeks ago) but it’s still pretty fun. Here’s everything I bought at Ingles – with several less than a dollar deals!

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6 thoughts on “Ingles Grocery Haul + Predictable Grocery Sales {Menu Monday}

  1. When I saw your Laura Lynn brand it reminded me of a story about my niece, Laura. Her mom is my sister, Leta Lynn. When we found out Leta was having a girl, Leta was sure the first name should be Laura. I voted for Leta to use her middle name as Laura’s middle name and she would not do it because of the Laura Lynn brand name at Ingles!! I did not see the problem but oh well, she is Laura Michelle and I am sure my niece is happy with that name. Love your grocery hauls and still jealous that we do not have Ingles here!


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