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How to Use Coupons in the Store

I’m sharing my grocery saving strategies that have saved us at least $1900 every year. Tip #2 is all about coupons, and today I’m sharing my tips for using them in the store.

saving money on groceries part 2

1. Make a shopping list 

I suggest finding a coupon website that covers your favorite grocery store. They will list the sale items for each week, along with the coupon match-ups for that item.  Most of them have an option to check the items you want to buy and create a shopping list right there. If not, you can write down the items on your list – just make sure you also list the coupons you need for that item. Here’s how I write it on my list – if I was buying Ken’s 16 oz. salad dressing on sale for $1.67, and using a coupon for $1 off two bottles.

shopping list come home for comfort

This way I don’t have to fumble through my coupons in the middle of the store, and I also can go to the register feeling confident that my coupons will scan because I’ve purchased the correct size and amount of items.

2. Pull the coupons you need for that trip

Using your shopping list, go through your coupons and pull out the ones you’ll use on that trip (or print what you need from the internet). I put those coupons in the front of my coupon binder so they are ready to go when I’m checking out.

coupon binder 4 come home for comfort

3. Pay attention while shopping

I know this isn’t fun, but shopping with coupons takes a little bit of work. I always double-check the item before I put it in the cart. Sometimes certain varieties of a brand are excluded from the sale or the coupon.

4. Double check your coupons before heading to the register

I always pull my cart over (out of the way) and flip through all my coupons. I pull out the ones I ended up not using – if the product was sold out or not on sale as I expected. I want to hand the cashier exactly the coupons I intend to use, no more or less. The ability to be confident while your cashier scans your coupons goes a long way towards a successful shopping trip.

That’s it for Tip #2 – Saving Money on Groceries Using Coupons!  I’ll finish out the series with tips #3 and #4 next week. Leave a comment below or contact me directly if I can answer any coupon questions!


4 thoughts on “How to Use Coupons in the Store

  1. Thank you for pulling your cart over out of the way while checking your coupons! Seriously, that is one of my pet peeves of shoppers – people who either park in the middle or abandon their cart to go find the item they need! That had nothing to do with couponing, but at least I got it off my chest. =) Now, on to the rest of my day! Ha! Good tips, Whitney!


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