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Valentines Day Gift Guide for your Man!

valentines day gift guide CHFC

Happy Monday, lovies! Valentines Day is only eleven days away! I love this holiday SO much. My husband dated quite a few girls in his heyday (ahem), but I was the only girlfriend he had on Valentines Day. This is “our” holiday and I love making it special for my amazing husband.

I was really inspired by several holiday gift guides at Christmas, so I hope my ideas inspire you as you make Valentines Day special for your man!

Valentines Day Inspiration Come Home For Comfort

1. MoKo Slim Fit Folio Stand Case for Apple iPad 

I feel like techie gifts are always a hit with my man. I like this iPad case because it folds back into a stand….perfect for snuggling in bed to watch a movie!

2. Chick Fil A Gift Card (or whatever restaurant your man loves)

If your husband travels for work or has to grab lunch during the workday, I think a gift card to his favorite lunch spot is a really thoughtful gift.

3. March Madness T Shirt (order the UK one here)

For the college basketball fan in your life – some March Madness gear! I wouldn’t mind that shirt for myself (#ShamelessHintInCaseMyHubsReadsThisPost).

4. Man Movies (order the John Wayne collection here)

You probably know your man’s favorite actor or series, so why not let him indulge his need for some fighting and conquest?

5. Luxe Pocket Toddy 

I discovered these electronic device cleaning cloths on Jen’s holiday gift guides back in December. I think this is a really thoughtful gift for anyone who carries a phone/tablet/laptop or any other electronic device. I know that Target carries them as well. (You’re welcome for the excuse to stop at Target.)

6. Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer 

My husband loves root beer. He really enjoys trying different brands and varieties, so a new case of his favorite beverage is always a hit. I’m sure there’s a special food or beverage your man enjoys…hit up a store like Trader Joe’s or The Fresh Market to find a fun new variety for him!

Have you already purchased your Valentines Day gifts? I’d love to hear your ideas…or if you have another way of celebrating, tell me about that too! 


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