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Saving Money on Groceries – Weekly Menu Planning

I’m sharing my grocery saving strategies that have saved us at least $1900 every year. Tip #3 is all about menu planning!

saving money on groceries tip three

All of my grocery money saving strategies work best when used together…but you can save money by using any one of them. If you loathe the idea of only buying what’s on sale or cutting coupons, then I think I have a strategy for you. Menu planning saves time and money! 

Menu planning saves TIME

  1. You don’t have to stop by the store after work and roam the freezer section looking for something to fix.
  2. You can plan ahead and have meat thawed or even in the crock pot by supper time, because you know what you’re making for supper the day before,

Menu planning saves MONEY –

  1. You’re only cooking with things you bought on sale (if you correlate your menu to the things you have on hand and the things on sale that week).
  2. You eat out much less often – having a plan and the ingredients to execute the plan make you much more successful in getting supper on the table.

Are you convinced? Coming up next…three quick steps for simple and successful menu planning!


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