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Pay It Forward

We love Him because He first loved us. -1 John 4:19

I’ve heard of the people who pay for the person’s coffee in line behind them at Starbucks. Has that ever happened to you? Paying it forward carries with it the idea that you do something kind for someone although they’ve done nothing to earn your kindness. Doesn’t that remind you of how God treats us? He sent His only Son to die for us, while we were still sinners!

How would the mood in your home be affected if you paid it forward with your husband or children? It’s easy to respond to our families based on how they treat us.

You picked up your clothes off the bathroom floor?
I’m really interested in being kind to you.

You left your spaghetti-crusted plate in the sink all night?
I’m not interested in seeing that you get breakfast today.


My challenge today is that we all (myself included!) look for ways to pay it forward at home. If you live alone, I’m extending this challenge to your family no matter where they live (parents, siblings, etc.). Look for one way today that you can extended unmerited kindness. If you’re feeling uninspired, remind yourself of the verse at the beginning of my post.

Are you in? Here’s a little incentive to get you started…

The first five people who comment on this post with “I’M IN!” will receive a surprise from me at some point in this calendar year. It will be something I think will brighten your day!

If you’re a blogger and are one of the first five to comment, please make the same offer in a blog post and distribute your own pay it forward challenge. If you want to link back to this post, well, that would be even nicer. 🙂



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