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High Five For Friday!

It’s Friday again! Here we go with my Friday Five…

1. I’m tremendously thankful to have my sister at home, safe and sound. She and her fiance’ were involved in a horrible car accident on Sunday night. If you saw the car my sister was in, you wouldn’t believe they walked away from the accident! God protected them in a miraculous way. They are dealing with some soreness and possible back injuries, but it could have been much worse. I’m so thankful for her every day, but more than usual these days!

al and me

2.  Moving on to more lighthearted topics…I’m glad that the snow in the above picture is gone! It was so much fun to have over 4 inches of snow for a couple days, but the 60 degree weather we had this week was much easier to maneuver. I do love living in the South!

3. Thelma Lou knows that positioning herself this way is sure to get my attention. She’s so funny.


4. Not to overload on the mushiness here…but I’m so thankful for my man! He’s so thoughtful and loving towards me, even when I do not deserve it. You can read about our sweet Valentines Day here, but I love the everyday with him just as much. ::sigh::


5. As I mentioned this week, the Lord provided a new job for me! It was a long process of waiting and praying…and I’ve felt a little bit like Oscar in this clip from The Office. Haha!

How was your week? If you’re visiting from the link-up, be sure to let me know you’re here! I’d love to return the favor!

Have a lovely weekend!

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10 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Praise God that your sister and her fiancé are safe! Will pray for them as they recover. Your sweet words about your hubby blessed my heart – love hearing ladies swoon over their hubbies! 🙂 Congrats on the new job!! …So many blessings squeezed into one lit’l post 😉 Have a lovely weekend! XO!


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