Bedroom Closet Organization Update

Happy Monday! A few Saturdays ago, I wandered into the “Disney World of house supplies and decor,” also known as Target. I found some incredible hanging closet organizers in the Dollar Spot. Marked down to $.50. Yeah. Take that, Container Store! 🙂 I was so excited and snatched up a few of everything they had. I shared my bedroom closet organization with you several months ago, but no organization system is perfect forever. The way I stored my scarves, belts and footwear (socks, tights, etc.) just wasn’t working for me. Here are my $.50 organization solutions!

belt organization come home for comfort

This is the inside of my closet door, so you can’t see these things when the closet door is closed. All the organizers I got from Target have hanger-style hooks, so they hang nicely on the silver closet hooks have inside my closet door. I have two really long scarves that I hung behind the belt organizer to keep the belts from clanging against the door when I open and close it.

close belt organizer come home for comfort

I picked up several pocket organizers as well. One holds my socks and tights and hangs inside my closet next to my hanging shoe organizer. Here’s the other one, holding my scarves on the back of my bedroom door.

scarf organization come home for comfort

scarf organization close come home for comfort

These things aren’t available online, but I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for similar items in other stores like TJ Maxx or even the Dollar Tree. I noticed the other day that TJ Maxx had some really inexpensive organizational tools on the shelves along the checkout line area.

Do any of your organizational systems need some re-visiting?


4 thoughts on “Bedroom Closet Organization Update

  1. I like that belt organizer! I roll mine up and put them in the drawer where they belong, then in a dressing frenzy, they go flying and I have to come back and re-organize it all over again! I’ll have to look for one of those!


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