Accepting Help

I will admit, I’m a control freak and a perfectionist when it comes to my home. I want things to look a certain way, and I’ve come to the realization that if I want it that way I have to do it myself. I should not expect my husband to do things exactly how I want them done. I’m good with that.

My husband’s work schedule is often varied, and because of that he is usually home during the day for a couple hours when I am at work. He has graciously assumed some of the household chores of his own initiative (I know, my husband is the bomb). I constantly find dishes in cabinets where they do not belong, towels folded and put away in the wrong bathrooms, and the fibers on the living room rug vacuumed going the wrong way.

Don’t judge me. You have something in your house that you’re particular about. I know you do! 🙂

Instead of allowing these things to irritate me, I find they fill my heart with love. I don’t have to call him over and show him exactly where the mixing bowls go – I can leave them where he put them and know my husband cares enough for me to help me with my tasks.

washing dishes
dish washing and entertainment!

Over the weekend, he asked what he could do to help me with my weekend cleaning routine (I know, he’s totally the bomb). I shared my to-do list and he chose the chore that was most appealing to him – vacuuming. The carpets and rug were not spotlessly clean, but they looked much better than before! Regardless, I didn’t have the extra work of doing that chore! I chose to be grateful and feel love from that act.

Is there something your husband is trying to do for you that you’re not receiving? It can be hard when something isn’t done the way you prefer, but I encourage you to look past the imperfection and feel loved instead.

12 thoughts on “Accepting Help

  1. LOVE this!! Sound like you two make a good team. My husband loads the dishwasher his own way and I choose to be thankful instead of correcting him because it really doesn’t matter. He loves to do laundry so I’m thrilled to hand that job over to him. We tag team vacuuming because it makes the baby cry – I vacuum and he heads to the other end of the house. I love sharing household jobs with him and I’ve learned to appreciate the help and not worry so much about things being perfect.


  2. Take it with gratitude, and enjoy the fact that he is doing it for you. After several years he will learn which way you want the carpeting fiber to lay, and do it to perfection, or maybe not 🙂 Anyway it’s a blessing that he helps at all, many husband’s don’t!


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