Friday Favorites

High Five For Friday!

Hello, Friday Friends! Here we are at the end of another week!


1. Today is the LAST day of my old job! To celebrate (and to repair the #WorstHaircutOfAllTime), my husband sent me to have a luxurious salon service last night! It was an hour and a half of everything that’s good about getting your hair done.

*if you live in the Upstate of SC and are looking for a new stylist, let me know. I can hook you up!  My new guy didn’t give me the #WorstHaircutOfAllTime, that was someone else. 

2. Oh Target. I love those clearance stickers! There is a mobile coupon right now for $1 off any Up & Up school item…which made this package of mechanical pencils a marvelous 38 cents! There were several varieties of pencils and pens marked down 50%, and I was able to stock my home office with some lovely pens for a steal!

3. Thelma Lou is the only cat I’ve ever had to actually show me where she wants to be petted. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but she takes her paws and puts my hand where she wants to be scratched. Yes, she’s spoiled rotten. 😉

4. The job I’m leaving today is the job I started the same month Paul and I were married. Cleaning out my desk, I found several things from the early days of our journey together. This picture is the first one I ever took of the two of us. We were so infatuated with each other! I might still be a little infatuated. 🙂

5. My sister made a batch of perfect no-bake cookies this week. They’re all gone. That’s all I need to say. #nomnom

That was my week! How was yours? If you’re stopping by from the link up, give me a holler and I’ll come visit you too! I hope you’ll come back next week. I have some great stuff coming up, including a post on how to cook once and eat twice. See you soon!

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5 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Glad you found someone new to fix your hair!! Bad hair cuts are THE WORST!! Good luck with the transition to your new job. Your cat is adorable!! I’m impressed that she has you trained so well 🙂 I hope your sister is doing better after her accident. Have a great weekend!!


  2. Happy Friday!! Those Target clearance stickers get me every time! 😉 How sweet of your hubby to send you for a luxurious salon treatment!! …speaking of sweet, love the old pic of you two!! How fun to come across keepsakes like that as you cleaned out your desk! Hope you have a great last day at your job today …and a fantastic weekend to come! XO!


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