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How to Organize Restaurant Coupons

how to organize restaurant coupons

If you’re like me, you receive at least one bundle of those newspaper restaurant coupons every week. We sometimes get them two or three times a week! While we don’t eat out often,  we like to save money when we do. I have been known to pull those restaurant coupons out of the paper and stick them in the kitchen drawer, only to be discovered months after they’ve expired. Is anyone else like that?

My husband eats on the road much more than I do, and loves fast food for the price, accessibility and the taste. His favorite place to eat (of all restaurants) is McDonalds. Really. A while back he was planning to travel and eat out a bit more than usual, so he grabbed the newspaper restaurant coupons and made his own organization system that I thought was pretty incredible.

How to organize restaurant coupons 2

He cut out only the coupons he thought he might use, and paper clipped them together by restaurant. Those went into a simple letter envelope. He wrote the names of the restaurants on the front, with the date those coupons expire. How simple and awesome is that? He keeps the envelopes in the front console of his car, ready to go and easy to access!

He has a separate envelope for Chick-Fil-A coupons. Food that good apparently requires its own envelope. Yum.

If you have other non-grocery coupons that you want to organize, check out this cute little retail and restaurant coupon organization system.

Here’s to saving money while eating out!


6 thoughts on “How to Organize Restaurant Coupons

  1. Here in Canton Oh., some of our coupons don’t expire (ie. Dairy Queen and Arby’s). Check with Burger King and McDonalds—- some of them take expired coupons.


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