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High Five For Friday!

Hashtag High Five for Friday, right?

It’s been a long and tiring week over in my neck of the woods! It was a good week, but I’m so glad Saturday is just around the corner. How about you? Here are the highlights from my week:

high five for friday

1. Our girl scout cookies came in!!! Sometimes we’re inclined to ignore the silly serving size (4 cookies?!) and just eat them by the sleeve. Hence, we label our boxes with our names. We’re serious about our thin mints, y’all.

2. My mom and I each won a $100 giveaway from Cents of Style! We met the sweet girls that own the business back in the fall at Becoming, and we’ve been shopping with them since then. I especially love their Fashion Friday sales…check it out today!

3. My entryway got a springtime face lift, using the “Hello Spring” printable as my inspiration piece. I’ve enjoyed it so much this week. Come back next week for a post with all the details!

4. Alli and I had a sister date at our favorite Mexican restaurant this week. We stuffed ourselves with chips, chimichangas and nachos….and then came home and laughed  (and snorted) over things that probably weren’t that funny. It was a perfect, typical sister date.

5. My kitty has such attitude…look at the way she’s glaring at me! She needed to drink out of the sink and I had the audacity to be standing there instead. Ha! Although she’s Miss Catitude. she’s a nice kitty and never hisses or swats at us. Love that kitty!

If you’re stopping by from the link-up, let me know you’re here and I’ll come visit you too! 

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11 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. I love that you label your Girl Scout Cookies!! Looks like you’ve got your routine down pat 🙂 I’ve been craving Mexican all week and am hoping to make it to my favorite restaurant this weekend!! Sink drinking kitties are too funny. Definitely some catittude going on at your house. Hope you have a great weekend.


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