Organizing A Small Pantry

I’m easily inspired by the things I love. Organized Like Jen’s organizing projects always inspire me! You might look at someone who is “micro-organized” and scoff at the impossibility of your home ever looking like that, but I prefer to look at a “perfect” space and choose one element that I can incorporate into my home.

IMG_6658 - Edited

I watched a few organization videos the other day, and ended up straightening up my already organized cupboard “pantry.” While I adore my kitchen, I don’t have a true pantry – so I chose two large cupboards to dedicate to food storage. Here’s a look at my top cupboard pantry and a few tips I’ve found helpful in keeping it organized.

Cupboard Pantry

Cupboard Pantry 2

cupboard pantry 4
Dollar Tree wire kitchen shelf

Cupboard Pantry 3

Cupboard Pantry 5

Here are a few other tips for organizing your pantry:

  • Stock frequently used items on easy-to-reach shelves
  • If you stock up on sale items, use the top shelves for overflow (for example, I store a few cans of soup on the bottom shelf and store the rest in the hard to reach corner of the middle shelf)
  • Label bins so everyone in your house can easily find what they need
  • Store like things together in bins (for example, my baking bin sits on the counter when I’m baking. It holds most all of the dry ingredients I need!)

Do you have a pantry? I’d love to hear your tips for maximizing space and keeping things organized, no matter where you store your pantry items!


8 thoughts on “Organizing A Small Pantry

  1. One of my go-to tips in my pantry is removing the bulky boxes from my daughter’s snacks. The granola bars, crackers and fruit leathers go in one bin, the juice boxes in another. It was so hard to get all the boxes to stack neatly, and the bins give me a much better idea of my current inventory.


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