Date Night at the Opera

Last weekend we had a “big” date night. My husband is a huge fan of The Phantom of the Opera. He’s seen it multiple times in different locations, so he was excited to hear the tour was coming to our town! I beat him to the punch and surprised him with tickets for his Christmas gift. We went on the closing night of the show, and after hearing from several of our friends how great the performance was, we were really looking forward to it. We were not disappointed! After the performance, we walked up the street to our favorite downtown restaurant for dessert. Ice cream is always the best way to end a date night!

Phantom Date Night

It was not a perfect evening. Paul dropped me off at the door (always the gentleman) but got soaked walking from the car to the venue. He had an umbrella, but that doesn’t always help in the city where rain falls sideways. That’s why his tie is crinkly in the picture above…it was wet. I didn’t do a great job at picking our seats and we ended up in the nosebleeds. I can’t read a map…why did I think I could read a seating chart? Ha.

I’m still learning that you don’t have to have a perfect evening in order to have a good time together. Married life is not about perfection. It’s not about control. It’s about enjoying the journey. I’m so thankful for the wonderful husband God has given me for this journey of life!

Date Night Challenge Come Home For Comfort


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