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3 Memories for Father’s Day

There are many things I could say to honor my Dad on Father’s Day. I decided to share three of my favorite memories from childhood, to let him know how much I appreciated his involvement in the early years of my life. Here they are!

Dad – Daughter Dates

One of my favorite memories of my childhood took place on Friday mornings. My dad drove me to school instead of riding the bus like every other day. We would stop for breakfast at the local doughnut shop which also doubled as the Shell gas station (I grew up in a small town). He let me choose the most sugary doughnut and a Dr. Pepper and we would sit down in the dining area to eat (it was a fancy gas station, apparently). I don’t remember what we talked about, I just loved having my Dad all to myself! There were lots of other times we spent together – but those were some of my favorites. As an adult, my favorite dad-daughter time is spent at a NASCAR track! 

Gas station breakfasts and NASCAR races...we are classy!
Gas station breakfasts and NASCAR races…we are classy!

Reading at Breakfast

During elementary school, Dad read to me while I ate my breakfast. I’m not sure if we read anything other than the Mandie series – mysteries about a little girl growing up in North Carolina at the turn of the century. I was always nervous before going to school for the day, and the morning reading time calmed my nerves and gave me something to look forward to every morning!


Enjoying the simple things in life

Nobody enjoys having a good time like my Dad! Through the pressures of almost 35 years in the ministry, he always made time to have a good time. Nothing illustrates that better than our famous “pajama runs.” Once or twice a summer, right at bedtime, Dad would randomly run through the house yelling, “PAJAMA RUN!!! DING DING DING!! PAJAMA RUN!” We would all jump in the car (in our PJ’s of course) and head out to Sonic for ice cream. This might have been my mom’s idea, but he wasn’t too serious or busy to go with the plan! 

Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the pajama runs…so here’s a picture of Dad carrying me through Babyland General Hospital (where all the Cabbage Patch Kids are born!). He was a good sport through all those years of raising girls! 

babyland hospital

There are many other things I could say about my Dad…but I try to keep my posts under 500 words. 🙂 Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thanks for spending time with me…is it time for the Bristol race yet?



5 thoughts on “3 Memories for Father’s Day

  1. I remember how impressed I was that he would lay down with you every night, and sing or tell stories to you until you fell asleep. That was so amazing to me.


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