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What to Do While You’re Single (Part 2) – Get Involved!

What To Do While You're Single
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Not long after I graduated from college and began the next phase of my life, I noticed a trend among my peers. I found that many of my post-college/still single friends were hesitant to commit to anything.

“Are you coming to my party this weekend?” “Maybe.”

“Will we see you at the small group fellowship?” “I’ll try to make it.”

Sound familiar? I found myself offering those same answers for one reason – insecurity. I didn’t want to commit to an event where I might not know anyone. I don’t like attending something where I have to go it alone.* People might think I don’t have any friends! Can anything be more humiliating?

I made a choice. I decided I wanted to fill my time with activities other than sitting at home alone, so I started committing. I taught preschool Sunday School, volunteered to feed the homeless with a group from my church, hosted weekly TV viewing parties…and I created some lasting friendships and great memories along the way! Are you afraid to commit? While you’re single, get involved! Here are a few avenues you can pursue:


  • Serve – ask your pastor where you can get involved. This is such a great way to meet people and to fill your life with purpose.
  • Look around – if your church doesn’t have a single’s ministry, #CTG (consult the Google) for a church in your area that offers weeknight Bible studies or singles fellowships. You can be faithful to your church but still make friends with other believers!

Volunteer Opportunities 

  • United Way  – if you don’t know where to start with volunteering outside your church, look up your local United Way. There are many opportunities to get involved.
  • Find Your Passion – find a cause that motivates you and get behind it! It could be a political campaign, a medical research fundraiser or the arts.

If there are no opportunities…

  • If you live in a small town, attend a small church and work in a small office, you might be a little bored and lonely. Consider moving just one of those things to a larger pool. You might even consider uprooting yourself and moving to a place with more opportunity!

What would you add to my list? I want to hear how you are involved and committed! 

*While discussing this very real fear with my husband, he expressed amazement that anyone would ever feel this way. So if you’re like me, don’t sweat it! At least the guys don’t think it’s pathetic if you show up alone. 🙂

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