How to Organize Card Games

How to Organize Card Games 4I had a pile of card games just hanging out on a shelf in the front closet. My organizing mantra is “a place for everything,” so those cards needed some attention! We don’t access them very often, but I wanted a system that would look tidy and cost nothing. Here’s my solution!


How to Organize Card Games

I had a stash of skinny shoe boxes that worked perfectly! The next time we have a game night, we can pull the boxes off the shelf and easily see what game we want to play. Here’s what it looks like when put away in the closet (sorry for the poor quality – it’s dark in that closet!).

How to Organize Card Games 3

When was the last time you organized your card games? Go through your stash, get rid of games that you don’t play or that have missing pieces, and get organized! You’ll be glad you did!



2 thoughts on “How to Organize Card Games

  1. We have a coffee table in our living room that has large baskets in the bottom part where we keep our favorite games. In our basement school room we have a closet that has a shelf for the rest of our games where we can see each box & easily find what we want.


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