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What To Do While You’re Single (Part 3 Conclusion) – Develop Your Desire!

What To Do While You're Single

 This is the conclusion of the series. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart!
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#3 (Continued) Develop your desire to be married!

Practice Your “Wifely” Skills

I know there will be some who don’t agree with me, but I believe that even the busiest wife with a full time job still has a God-given duty to be a keeper at home. Believe it or not, I know single guys that truly want a wife who knows how to cook and is able to keep the house fairly clean. Learn to cook, decorate your home, entertain and practice good housekeeping habits now. Even the singlest of single people can benefit from these skills!

Be Willing to Date

Don’t be too hasty to turn down first dates. Be wise, but be open! I went on quite a few awkward first dates that never went anywhere…but it’s just good practice. You learn what you like and what you don’t like. Let your friends – people you trust – set you up, and enjoy the experience!

I believe that being good at dating will benefit you from singleness all the way through marriage! If dating has become unpleasant or even foreign to you, I have a book that will change your life – it changed mine! The Automatic 2nd Date is a fun read that gives hope and practical help from a Biblical perspective. Trust me, it’s worth a read.

the automatic second date


In Conclusion – None of the things I’ve shared during this series are magic tricks for luring a husband. God’s plan for our lives isn’t always on our time table! I hope you will choose to enjoy this season of your life, and in doing so, prepare yourself for the one God has for you.


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